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A+ cryptcheck.fr / tls.imirhil.fr (2019-06-19)

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Code modifications

We've made some changes to the Mastodon code and styles to personalize this instance.
Our code is available on GitHub at im-in-space/mastodon.
The main stylesheet was made by @dia@aleph.land and is called Flat, Dark and Colourful! (Blue and Orange variant).

Blocked accounts and instances

Due to the nature/behaviour from some instances or users, we have silenced or suspended some of them.
The complete list is available here.
Please contact Kody by email (see admin details above) if you want to appeal.

Basic rules

  1. Don't be a d*ck, respect the others (no hate speech) and fight in direct messages.
  2. Please keep bad memes, sexism, racism or any political incorrect stuff out of the public timeline.
    Feel free to use the "unlisted", "private" or "direct" visibility options when talking between friends and with people who are okay about that.
    If I get reports because you didn't respect the restrictions, you might get suspended.
  3. NSFW is allowed if you put it behind both NSFW and CW tags (below the message text box). Loli, gore and rape is not allowed.
  4. Don't make parody accounts and don't spam.
  5. We don't like bots who randomly follow users.
  6. Accounts made only for advertising will be suspended.
    If you're a for-profit company and truly want to participate in the Fediverse, please contact the admin beforehand.
  7. Respect French law.
  8. Special crossposter rules: You can use crossposters to import your messages from Twitter but with some limitations.
    • Retweets shouldn't be posted in the public timeline. Use a more private privacy rule (like "unlisted" or "private").
    • Regular tweets and quotes-tweets are not limited.
    • You can use CWs on Twitter, some crossposters support tweets starting with "CW: [subject]".

In case of non-respect of those rules, use the report link (in the post menu) or contact @kdy.

Instance updates

We update Mastodon and Pleroma on a weekly basis, usually on Monday morning (CEST).
During the update, the instance will be unavailable from 1 to 5 minutes to apply changes.

Server info

This server is hosted in Paris.
Dedibox SC SATA 2016 (2C / 2T @1,7 Ghz, 4 Go, 1 To, 1Gbit/sec).
IPv6: 2001:bc8:374f:400::1

We do daily database backups. We're planning on backing up all the medias.
We will never look at your private toots, unless someone sends us a report about it.

How long until this instance shuts down?

Except if I suddenly don't have any money to run this, this instance will be running until the domain expires.
For now, it's until April 2020 but we can renew it before we get there. ;)