I've made one of those daily word game things! But it's not just Wordle in a hat, it's a totally different puzzle and I'm really pleased with how it came out.


@andrewt This is really good! The colourful blobs are appealing, it takes seconds to learn the rules, and it's a moderate challenge.

Not sure about the results grid, it doesn't make immediate sense. Wouldn't a simple count of moves be enough?

Also, it says "Puzzles completed: 0%", when I've completed 1 of 1.

@y6nH @andrewt agreed, it's excellent! thank you Andrew for making this:)

but .. huey .. moderate!?


@teapot @andrewt I mean, I thought it was about the same difficulty as Wordle, though without the move limit.

@y6nH @andrewt Yeah, maybe I was just unlucky and got stuck on this one, it happens lol

@y6nH @andrewt

also now i've completed it i think that though the results grid is not immediately intuitive i do like that it is a detailed fingerprint of my efforts over the last hour

@teapot @y6nH Yeah, it took a while for me to work out a way to encode a game in emoji without just giving away the answer but I'm glad I stuck with the problem because I'm really enjoying seeing them now

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