There's going to be an eventual future where people will learn that media capacities were a resticing factor of album lengths and will find that wild.

@Canageek @Jo The standard album length being 'slightly too long for one side of a D90' is a copy protection technique that outlived its usefulness.

@Canageek @y6nH I'm assuming it's TDK's brand of C90 cassettes, because I couldn't find much else with a quick google. :blobnervous:

@Jo @Canageek Yes, TDK D90, the Sellotape of cassette tape, especially in that it's probably called something else if you're not British.


@Jo @Canageek Pop songs are conventionally about 3:20 long because that's how much fits on a 45 RPM 7" vinyl disc at decent quality. I wonder what pop culture would have been like if they'd settled on a format that lasted 2 minutes, or 10.

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