Anybody else playing Steambirds Alliance? It's a fun MMO which explicitly sets out to prevent the toxic atmosphere of other multiplayer games, as a core design principle. For Windows and Mac.


I'm going to try again to get some of you playing SteamBirds Alliance. Although there's not much story, what there is makes it clear that the enemies are a fascist theocracy. There's a lore character who likes to paint flames on planes, and she's clearly described as a lesbian without it being a big issue. So they're ideologically in the right kind of area, at least. Then there's this kind of self-aware ideological copy:

One thing you might have problems with with in is that the enemies are . Now, I love kitties as much as the next Fediversian, but will cheerfully admit that they're selfish, predatory hairbags and if they ever got organised into a technologically-advanced empire, everyone else would be in trouble.

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My name is SirDoris, in case you want to join me. I'm playing now, flying a purple Hog. 🐷​

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