Sexist "humour" text 

Apparently this book is "hilarious" and a "number one bestseller". We're doomed.

This is the kind of boomer humour that makes me want to walk around in a pink dress punching anybody who looks at me funny.


OCR Output (chars: 609) 

shed is to a man what a handbag is to a woman. It’s

n intensely private space that contains all the
essentials for surviving the modern-day world. In the —
same way that no decent man would ever consider —
delving into a woman’s handbag uninvited, no reason- —
able woman would dream of setting foot in a man’s shed. —
Women’s handbags smell of copper, leather and —
lavender. Men’s sheds smell of petrol, creosote and rust. —
You wouldn’t expect a lady’s handbag to smell of petrol —
and creosote, and you’d be right to be deeply supe
of any man whose shed smelt of leather and lavender. —

Sexist "humour" text 

@y6nH why do people pay for this stuff...

re: Sexist "humour" text 

@grainloom I did get this book from the library after reading the back cover, but it's such crappy middle-class dad-joke rubbish that I'm considering ripping a few pages out before it goes back. And I am, technically, a middle-class dad.

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