We've heard a lot of advice to move away from to smaller instances. While is useful, how about some reviews from the people on the ground?

What's good about your instance? What's bad? Who is it for? Any special features or rules?

Tell us, and tag it .

I'm in Space.

It's a smallish instance (about 500 users, but not many active). I don't often look at the local timeline, it moves so slowly.

It uses the fork of the Mastodon code, which adds some cool features.

It has the Portal 2 :spacecore:​ as a logo, and some light-hearted modifications, like the post button being marked Launch. Cosmonauts welcome, but it's for everyone. There's a sensible block list and CoC. @kdy is in charge.

Hey you! Review your instance, and remember to tag it .
(I mean, if you want, please...)


I personally feel that the strong push to move away from is largely unfounded. If you are happy with the instance. Awesome. That is the only thing that should matter.

With that said:

I have accounts on Glitch.Social (#GlitchSoc), and

Glitch.Social - A room full of amazing technical geeks. Discussion: hacking with hardware, and software alike. - Run by my absolute favorite admin Ellie. Users are primarily of the gaming slant.

@y6nH How about a happy band of photographers on

@y6nH who’s saying to move away from

@dotdapple Without naming names, some feel that Gargron's position as the lead developer of the Mastodon software and the "benevolent dictator for life" of .social gives him too much power. As .social has grown, he's reduced the investment in moderation and community care, and used it to trial some problematic unreleased features.

And having one dominant instance (outside Japan) undermines the point of a federated network. It's starting to resemble the centralized services it aimed to replace.

@y6nH is a small and relatively quiet programming-oriented instance. I enjoy it there. It's peaceful.


@y6nH since cybre registrations aren't open, i feel like it'd be silly for me to list the stuff i like about here? but i do like being here a lot


I'm from, we're a cooperatively run #solarpunk instance with a libertarian socialist community.

It's a wonderful community to be a part of. My only real issue is that sometimes federation issues makes some conversations unreadable. Any decisions the admin makes have to be ratified by the co-operative, so it ensures any hierarchy we have is as flat and justified as possible.

@y6nH is focused on academia. It's well run, and has a good code of conduct.


Eldritch.Cafe is nice, there's a few English speakers and a few more French speakers, the admin is very vigilant & accessible. Lots of trans folks & lefties.


@y6nH #InstanceReviews is a small instance from Germany with a nice community,a fast server (good uptime) and a good admin who installs updates fast.

@y6nH is a general pleroma instance and the admin Kaniini is really nice :0

generally most ppl are welcome here as long as ur not actively a bigot or whatever

@sadcatstarry Yes, I have an account on too. It's important to remember that Mastodon is not the only server software on the Fediverse. People considering a move: try a Pleroma instance, it might suit you better. It even has a Mastodon-style web interface if you prefer that.

@y6nH I like wandering shop, it is a friendly place to be. #InstanceReviews I also like booktoot club and djs social.

@y6nH I really like - 'strayan, chill, and policies that my interested but exhausted psyche is very grateful for.

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I'm in Space!

A generalist Mastodon instance with a nice domain name. Running on Glitch Social's fork with a custom theme!