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New server, new .

I'm Hugh. I live in south-west with my partner and children. I work as a web developer, and contribute to .

I make occasionally. I've played bass in bands, but mostly I compose weird music solo on a computer. I contributed a track to the second A Whale's Lantern compilation by musicians of Mastodon, collaborating with Mascha.

I speak some , and less .

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Only hackers with good taste need open 

Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and do a giveaway since I hit 500 followers and that's pretty cool.

If you are following me, reply to this toot for the chance to recieve a handwritten microfiction in the post, which YOU will create the prompt for.

Your reply should be a microfiction prompt that is either an image or 5 words or less (must be SFW) and on Tuesday 29th I will randomly select a winner!

I know it's not very big but hopefully it's still exciting. ^_^

#microfiction #giveaway :boost_ok:

Rats can learn to drive tiny cars around an arena in exchange for a food reward. Their hormone levels suggest they seem to find going for a drive relaxing

Laughter and
giggling lingering
on the slides
and swings -
these little things
friends do for
each other

and then
there are the lonely
ones, all by themselves,
hearing the music
but not knowing
the key

the playground
is the World, made
small and discrete

for #clmooc

I dreamed that there was a big crowd of guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, mice and other small creatures in my house, and they were all loving and supporting one another, and I thought of you lot and tried to take a picture on my smartphone so I could show you and caption it NIGHT CREW. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฟ

Forcing a huge portion of the population to remove their body hair, while also encouraging them not to take part in physical activities/etc as youth (for example by making them wear clothes that are more difficult or unacceptable to move around in, like skirts) is a big way we reinforce the idea of a biological sex binary, while creating the outward appearance of one.

So-called "secondary sex characteristics" (outside of those influenced by hormones, and that varies) are wholey manufactured.

If you're not getting paid to have them they're really just hobbynouns

enbies? super valid.


This is a non-binary appreciation post.

Please share your love of non-binary people!

Tag in your favourite non-binary person and tell them how much you care about them!


Band: RXC J2211.7-0350
Album Title: Birth to a dancing star

Bit short on cash this week. If you'd like some nice arty bits, shoot me $2 on and I'll either render you a 4k fractal in your choice of colour (see for examples), or draw you a little digital ornate black and white mandala (and can incorporate a flower theme if you have a favourite flower or leaf shape). Whichever you prefer. <3 #CreativeToots

re: Barcelona Update 

if you missed any of the whale you can rewind the live feed up to 12 hours back. but theyre still exploring it right now. theyre taking samples of the sediment around it and getting close up shots of the dozens of species making this whale its home

Kitchen abstracts.
(four close-up photos taken in my kitchen - not easily described, but one contains knife edges, hence sensitive)

as a Facial,
as a concave,
as an Herring's whiskers,
as a Keel.

Is there not a browser extension to do this automatically?

Just successfully signed up as enby on a website with mandatory Male/Female gender field on the form, by changing the id of the selected radio button in dev tools.

I just want to download some recipes, why do they even need it?

i sent fireballs out of one of their faces and liquid nitrogen soap bubbles out of the other it was epic

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