Gonna send dried flowers in the mail to all my friends that are far away. With cool stamps and akwardly written letters

Ive started gathering materials for a plant press, i'm so excited, I don't know why I didn't thinkvof this sooner

Now that I have a job in a high-volume lab, I'm so excited to go home and actually do sciencey stuff

please boost so people can find my silly little instance

Not having learned about it until maybe 5 years ago, I think Juneteenth will always be a reminder for me that I was raised within white supremacy which tries to hold onto its power as long as possible and teaches its children a very strategic version of history.

gardening with companion plants could be really cool if I could manage to grow something other than mint and potatoes

Less than a day left in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

If you haven't gotten it, get it now! 1700+ games, TTRPGs, books, and more for just $5.

If you've already got it, get one for a friend or family member!

It's shockingly close to $7 million.


Been learning about whiplash and head injuries. My body reminds me to chill by suddenly cutting out.

I'm in Space!

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