I’ve been going between local unions and mutual aid groups lately and I have no idea how the later get anything done. Plan a union action and other unions will generally show up. I was at a mutual aid group planning session and it was all ballyhooing about tensions between different groups and such

deeply exasperated with the artificial nihilism pushed by capitalism:

there /is/ more to life than late-stage capitalism and the creeping reality of ecological disasters. humans are so incredibly capable of empathy and community. that call of the void that infects young leftists isn't accidental.

if more people retained their genuine belief and hope for a better future, it would be that much harder for capitalism to prevent organized resistance and resilience.

Today I learned about herons bill. Its a very small flower with a really weird looking fruit that I didn't get a picture of

Gonna send dried flowers in the mail to all my friends that are far away. With cool stamps and akwardly written letters

Ive started gathering materials for a plant press, i'm so excited, I don't know why I didn't thinkvof this sooner

Now that I have a job in a high-volume lab, I'm so excited to go home and actually do sciencey stuff

Not having learned about it until maybe 5 years ago, I think Juneteenth will always be a reminder for me that I was raised within white supremacy which tries to hold onto its power as long as possible and teaches its children a very strategic version of history.

gardening with companion plants could be really cool if I could manage to grow something other than mint and potatoes

Less than a day left in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality!

If you haven't gotten it, get it now! 1700+ games, TTRPGs, books, and more for just $5.

If you've already got it, get one for a friend or family member!

It's shockingly close to $7 million.


Been learning about whiplash and head injuries. My body reminds me to chill by suddenly cutting out.

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