I have been enjoying the board game Galaxy Truckers. It balances planning and luck. And best of all, it's designed to be finished fairly quickly, it does not go on for a long time. There are 3 levels of complexity depending on how short or long you want the game to be

Thrilled with open source task management software Zim. I switched over to using it recently

Anti bitcoin 

I do not think legitimizing is the way to go in this era of global warming and climate change. Instead I'd like to see mandatory warning signs, like on cigarette packets, except that this is a warning for financial health

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scrolling on reddit is similar to banging your head against a wall, it's the same pointless task over and over again with no variety whatsoever

#selfcare tips 

I made these changes for myself and it really works
1. Check news sites only once a day.
2. Stay logged out of social media, even , even on your phone apps. Log in as needed to check or post, but log out afterwards. This provides just enough of a barrier of friction to not check social media more than needed.

Implementing both of these together means that you are less likely to wind up doomscrolling and more likely to be productive and live life. At least that is what happened for me

Stranger things 

So disappointed in the 1st episode of the latest season :oh_no_bubble: It was like they expected everyone to remember what happened before, or to do homework about it. It was like watching an episode of a soap opera that I didn't care about. After the last season came out, there's been a pandemic! Ppl have their own lives! I don't think I can watch the rest of it , sadly :yikes:

I have been reading about It reminds me a lot of even tho the use cases are very different. In common, they both have "everything is a page" and user custom fields

Thinking whether to put Mastodon share buttons and Diaspora share buttons on my websites

Debating whether I should get back into ... I love it, but it doesn't have as many built-in methods for string handling as , and on principle I find it frustrating in terms of readability to (in practice) have to use a lisp editor to keep track of the parentheses

Hmmm. I can't figure out how to access my drafts here. I'm sure I'm missing some extremely obvious thing....!

Hmmm. I was looking to resuscitate my Diaspora account, only to find that the pod has since been discontinued 😢​ I'm now looking for a pod to join.

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English people: that's nonsense

German people: that's total cheese

Cryptocurrency is basically environmentally unfriendly currency with relatively high exchange costs (gas money) and no safety guardrails and regulations that banks have

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Seems like the perception is that Mastodon is an inferior platform for creatives because it's less powerful as a promotional tool. But that risks reducing creative work to its commercial function. In many ways, Mastodon is better for discussing creative work.

I've updated my profile info to clarify a few things

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I still sometimes catch myself thinking "No! Don't click on that thread! If you do, the algorithm will present you with a bunch more of those, whether you like it or not".

Then I remember "It's OK, this is Mastodon. There is no algorithm ". It's like waking up from a bad dream :ablobcatheart:

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I am getting tired of political text messages. I did not opt in to them so I basically just report them as spam

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