@figma@twitter.com @Adobe@twitter.com But they were, all of them, deceived, for another acquisition was made

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You were the chosen one @figma@twitter.com! It was said that you would destroy @Adobe@twitter.com, not join them.
You were to bring balance to design, not leave it in darkness!

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you can’t convince me that @Adobe@twitter.com will do anything but make @figma@twitter.com worse

Expecting absolutely nothing, but why not: My GitHub Sponsors profile is live! You can sponsor me to support my open source work 💖 github.com/sponsors/mike-engel

Controversial(?) opinion: if you use air conditioning, you shouldn’t be allowed to set it below 76F/24C unless you have a medical reason. It’s summer! You’re going to be warm! If you want to contribute to climate change and create a fiery hellscape on earth, you shouldn’t be able to do it comfortably

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When people want better conditions for walking and cycling, they do not aim to take away all cars. They want more choice to use the .

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Which law is it that requires a haribo package in every online order?

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What do you say when 14 children and a teacher have been murdered at school? Language is inadequate to the task of explaining the callousness of a country that does absolutely nothing to address rampant gun violence. There is no culture of life here. It is a culture of control.

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If I see Xcode has an update it ruins my day

And actually, in the latest This Week in Rust, an article was featured that mentioned my project! I had no idea it was being mentioned and happened on it by chance. So cool! blog.orhun.dev/upgrading-rust-

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Recently I realized that one of my github projects crossed 500 stars. It’s not much at all really, but to me it’s a lot and is my most popular project *by far*.

It’s really cool knowing that real people use it enough to ask for features and submit issues! github.com/mike-engel/jwt-cli

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One of things people don’t seem to be fully grasping when they see messages from #Musk that he wants Twitter to be neutral is that tech is never neutral. Marginalised voices will be quashed quickly.

There is also that it goes against the Paradox of Tolerance

Hoi, I’m Mike, currently a web developer (Ember, mainly) who also sometimes takes photos and plays video games. I recently ordered a 3D printer.

This past weekend Zürich blew up a snowman called The Böögg. The time it takes from start to finish indicates the quality of summer. 5-12 minutes is a good warm one, more than 15 is bad and rainy.

It took 38 minutes 🤡

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