For all my users out there with a need for java, I've been working on a nix flake for the adoptopenjdk style OpenJDK distros, with support for temurin and semeru.

I need to slighlty decursify my updater and get it running automatically in github actions, and write a readme, but it's otherwise ready to use:

What the fuck, there's a Myst board game that's literally competitive jigsaw puzzle assembly??

Something I love about opensource: getting to write my own saftey disclaimers in the documentation for sensitive code. I'd never feel comfortable writing this at work

I'm currently putting together a Quilt-based 1.18 modpack for some friends and I to play together.

Support for mods is not quite perfect but honestly a bit better than I expected. We've had a few issues with crashing, which is honeslty qute nastolgic, reminds me of the good old tekkit days

Alright, which of you backhoe owning fucks took down my internet this time?

I keep somehow accidentally turning on the "speak to chat" feature on my headphones. I have no idea how, and I can't find a way to turn it off while connected to my desktop, so sometimes I'll just cough and my noise canceling turns of, whatever I was playing mutes, and I've got to disconnect the headphones from my desktop, get out my phone and connect it, go into the app for the headphones, turn the feature off, and then disconnect from the phone and reconnect to the desktop.

10/10 UX, would recommend

Developing Mastodon, I strive to use terminology that is familiar to as many people as possible so as to not put up unnecessary barriers in understanding. For this reason I am happy that we went away from calling posts "toots". It has always been a point of friction for people. Not that I dislike branding, quite the opposite, but in my experience receiving feedback over half a decade, it had a negative effect on the platform for little benefit.

I love how the American legal system leaves it up to a lawsuit to determine the value of my personal data, and that value is apparently $11.83

Invidous is an open source project and describes itself as "an alternative front-end to YouTube". There are many public installations (called instances).

More info on the project and a list of instances here:

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