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I know we've been back only recently, but we'll be down for less than a minute as we're switching to the glitch social's branch of Mastodon, which has a lot of nice features.

Code was merged to our branch:

You can read more about the new stuff in their docs:

This instance is (finally) back! :spacecore:

We've moved to an another server where we don't have to fear that it wont boot because of stupid reasons.
Sorry about the long downtime. 🙇

This instance will be in maintenance tomorrow (July 22nd, 2017) at 2PM CEST (8AM EST - ) for a storage upgrade.
Probably down from 15 minutes to a full hour (if something goes bad).

There we go! I fixed the button background color this time. :) is now federating with!

Be friendly with our new .space friends~

I deployed a Tooty instance with some minor modifications like less spaces between columns and I made it possible to scroll on small screens.

I'm still fixing some stuff, but you can try it out here:

More about Tooty:

As we're coming close to 300 members, we might close registration temporarily to make some server adjustments (just to be sure).
Don't worry though, there's still some time. :)

Update done!

New languages (and updates), import/export of the mute list, shift+click to boost wihout the confirmation modal and many other improvements.

The commits:

We reverted the commit that brought a bug with the Notifications column. :)

Something went wrong with the javascript for the notification column. I'm on it!

I'm in Space

A generalist Mastodon instance with a nice domain name. Running on Glitch Social's fork with a custom theme!