Network maintenance [3 hours] 

For 2.5 hours this April 15th (between 4am and 6:30am UTC) the server was unable to reach the Internet but was still able to receive requests.
Sorry for the inconvenience, all actions to other instance were put on hold until I restarted the network card.

SSL issues on the Pleroma instance were fixed.
Guess we forgot 4 important lines in the web server config. :notlikemiya:

cc @josealberto4444 / @josealberto4444
:spacecore: moderation 

The datacenter where our server is hosted suffered a network outage. It was impossible to reach for 50-55 minutes on IPv4.'s Mastodon and Pleroma updates 

The Space Crossposter got updated. Hopefully this will resolve a problem some of us had. :) administration 

Server somehow ended up freezing.
We rebooted it, looks like everything is fine now.

We muted due to their lack of moderation (and after many reports). Feel free to send reports of bad users so they can be suspended on our side at least.
List updated:

.club is for the emails, I meant .social.

Hey it's Friday and all, I wish I didn't have to deal with that kind of things.

Always wondered why there's an 👁 emoji on status updates?
When you end a toot with it, your message won't be sent to other instances! A nice way to appear in the public timeline without bothering people who aren't affected. Those don't appear in the your profile page outside of Mastodon too.

You can also enable it from the toot options before sending.

For the people using, I'm suspending file backups. I just need to setup a nice little secure place at home to save that.
But database (accounts and toots) and configs are still saved everyday.

I know we've been back only recently, but we'll be down for less than a minute as we're switching to the glitch social's branch of Mastodon, which has a lot of nice features.

Code was merged to our branch:

You can read more about the new stuff in their docs:

This instance is (finally) back! :spacecore:

We've moved to an another server where we don't have to fear that it wont boot because of stupid reasons.
Sorry about the long downtime. 🙇

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