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Less than 24h before I fly to Germany!
Looks like I'll be flying on a turboprop again, fun!

Oh and yeah, I did just go to the Messe to joke about being there three months early.
(Totally wasn't half of the reason I visited the city)

Only a few more days till I head to Germany once again.
Feels like I was in Leipzig just a couple weeks ago.

So for the first time, I think ever in my life, I missed an appointment by a whole day.
I don't know how this happened as I put it in my calendar for today, and I don't even usually use a calendar.

I know developing apps isn't necessarily easy, but it feels like public services, like public transport, go out of their way to make apps that are just plain bad in almost every way.

Took the T2 tram in Nice, what a great way to avoid driving into the centre, parking for just the price of a ticket is a great way to encourage more people to use it.

Welp I guess it's time collect all the paperwork to apply for French nationality...
I already have a residency permit here but I don't want to lose my freedom of movement.

So I was really expecting to get buyers remorse when getting my new phone after breaking my previous one. But it's such a big step up in a number of features that it's really not been the case.

In this season of approaching votes an elections, I'd recommend watching this video from Tom Scott

I understand the idea that, despite being a British Citizen, because I don't live there I don't get to vote.

However, in this specific general election, the results will dramatically affect all British citizens living in the EU, all while we don't get a say.

Funny how in Paris, thanks to the development of a cycle path network, people are deciding to try out the bicycle as an alternative during the strikes .🤔
It's almost if when you build it, people use it.

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Ceci n’est pas un miracle. C’est juste la conséquence immédiate de:
1️⃣ la création d’un réseau cyclable sécurisé et continu
2️⃣ la qui invite les citoyens à tenter la .


These may be clones (high quality afaik) but I'm understanding why people love blue mechanical switches.
I feel like I'm typing even faster on these compared to my MX browns.

So I'm looking for a tactile mechanical keyboard (MX Blue brown, buckling springs or equivalent) with ISO layout. Does anyone have good recommendations?

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