What's the logic with this?

Feels like they're just being obnoxious about it on purpose.

There's definitely worse places to waste away the hours before a flight

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Myths programmers believe about access points: they don't move

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Someone at the french social security website: "Should we be more relatable to the youth?"


Oh and yeah, I did just go to the Messe to joke about being there three months early.
(Totally wasn't half of the reason I visited the city)

Took the T2 tram in Nice, what a great way to avoid driving into the centre, parking for just the price of a ticket is a great way to encourage more people to use it.

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Ceci n’est pas un miracle. C’est juste la conséquence immédiate de:
1️⃣ la création d’un réseau cyclable sécurisé et continu
2️⃣ la qui invite les citoyens à tenter la .

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Here's a midday view of the same mountains from a slightly different angle.

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Some beautiful lighting this golden hour, had to capture it.

Getting a 10 meter spool of CAT 6E was worth it just to download destiny 2 at these speeds.

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