Marking the beginning of my Interrail trip!

The first week I'll mostly spend sleeping over at my friends places (thanks!) but after, for 3 weeks I'll be out on my own.

So starting next Monday I'm going on a month long Interrail trip.
I've been looking forward to this for years, but now that it's so close, it feels so incredibly daunting.

Just got a new camera, one of my first pictures with it turned out pretty good!

I just got my first image made searchable on Unsplash, pretty proud of that.

I wonder what happened for them to feel the need to put these signs up. And being this is a school, absolutely no one will pay attention to these.

Back at work, only a few more days left until my contract ends, it feels weird to have no obligations afterwards.

Always awesome hearing good music on the big speakers at

Darn password policies!
Tfw you have a plenty long enough passphrase but it can't be used because you don't have a digit in it

It would be awesome if there was a browser extension that automatically opts-out of tracking.

I like that GDPR forces websites to give me the choice, it's just annoying how many steps there are each time to opt out...

Je ne dire que c'est forcément la solution ici mais ce genre d’installation pourrait être une plus forte dissuasion

>man service
-bash: man: command not found

The more I have to work with pre-systemd severs, the more I realize just how useful it is...

I already have a Revolut account, but their agressive marketing campaign is having the opposite effect on me, making me want to use it less...

With everyone talking about broycon, its really renewed my interest in going to a convention. Anyone in my followers going to ?

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