Ah yes, you know it's October when the encyclopedia guilts you into donating

Being sent a job listing by the unemployment office

Seeing almost exactly the software I was familiar with in my previous job.

Coincidence.... Or...?

I don't want to sit here and accept what's happening but I have no idea what I can even do other than talk with people around me to try keep rational ideas somewhat afloat

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And to note this isn't just in relation to today's PM speech, the same has been happening down here in France, I'm genuinely scared for the medical system in the coming year, with so many people ready to walk out... It's bad enough as it is, I don't want to imagine...

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It feels like every single politician that's in power manages to get things so wrong all the time it's so exhausting...

The medical staff have put in so much effort over covid! Let's cheer them on some more! (Instead of better compensating them)

Whining about "woke" culture is just announcing to the world that you don't want to evaluate your history with a rational eye

Welp, first time I've seen myself getting blocked in real-time by a mutual.
Meh, I didn't even remember I was following them

So I put the rainbow flag in my profile a while back but I don't think I've specified here why. seems to be a fitting day to say that I'm Bi publicly!

For all of its faults, and all of the pessimistic content on Twitter. Every so often I'll find people talking openly about themselves in ways that you don't really see anywhere and that help you better understand why people do things, or better even better understand yourself.

People out here talking about deltarune chapter 2 and I've not played the first yet. Amazingly I have no idea what it's about as I somehow have avoided any significant spoiler.

Qualité @sncf@birdsite.monster , a cause d'une fermeture pour travaux entre cagnes sur mer et Nice le samedi 18 il n'est pas possible de visualiser d'itinéraire sur oui.sncf ...
Plusieurs lignes de bus existent mais je trouve ignoble qu'il n'y aucune option proposé...

>Turns on french radio that I thought was tolerable

> Debate about "The Republic" and how "the youth today have abandoned it" and "the government needs to be more firm on them" is on

> Desire run the car into a ditch increases exponentially

You know when you're somewhere that makes you feel you could just sit and enjoy the landscape for the entire day?

My brain is wired to keep telling me to do things the "right" or "logical" way and I'm pretty darn tired of it. It's prevented me from doing new things far too much.

I don't know what's up but twitter has been stuffing my timeline with COVID scepticism related tweets through the "topics" features today.

Just got my mothly bill for my data backup.

Object storage is great

Wait no, that's actually for two months because they don't charge for less than 50 cents.

This doesn't count the one document given on the flight back to France where they handed out a form to fill and collected during the flight. I had this document last year as well way before vaccination passes and travel forms.

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So conclusion after my travels. After producing no less than 5 different covid travel forms, the only time they were checked was to get my boarding passes for my flights. At no point did any official actually verify them.
No QR codes of mine were scanned either.

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