Can’t a button to open the apps in offline mode be made to appear after a few seconds?
Google maps handles this well by loading whatever is in cache first and attempting to load in the background.

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Bugbear I have: apps that handle unstable and slow connections worse then there’s no connection at all.

Spotify, Netflix & co, take ages to open if I have a slow connection,

You may have different proposition of how we break the cycle, we can debate the details that's fine.

But how can anyone but the war profiteers say the best course of action is doing nothing but maintain the status quo.

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We saw which jobs actually mattered during covid, but here we are a couple years later. Still underpaying those jobs and pretending like the solution to the perpetual cycle of financial crisis is to do more of the things that never worked.

Definition of insanity.

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In the past when resources, especially food, was more scarce, it made sense to make sure you encouraged sufficient production and innovations to help that along.

But a soda company running an advertising campaign or not, isn't going to change anything for the greater good.

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The truth is, humanity has never been as productive, tools and software can do in seconds what entire departments of companies did in days.

And despite that, we need to work exponentially more? For what? Doing overtime won't increase how much food is made.

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And that race to the bottom, it applies to vast number of jobs. In office jobs it may be a question of completing a project before a competitor, and each side will work longer and longer to try keep up.

But if there's universal limit, you level that part of the playing field.

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Transport jobs is a nuanced one, in theory if you can drive a little longer, you may be able to squeeze in more deliveries, and maybe beat the competition.

But if everyone has the same limit, it stops the race to the bottom, it's partly why there is already limits.

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Effectively you're just loosing out on opportunistic visits, and in the morning for example, how many people browse shops?

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As much as they like to pretend each minute closed is lost sales, a shop opening an hour later will not fundamentally change their revenue, if someone wants to buy something there, they'll come when it's open.

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"We live longer so we need to work more to compensate"

Other then factory work, which would be unfair to increase already difficult work,
How many jobs are people more productive in by working more hours?

All of this during an already record breaking hot year?

Yeah, no, we shouldn't be acting like things are fine.
I do still have hope, given how much younger generations are far more aware of what's going on. I just hope we don't have to wait long till we are in positions of power

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The US has hogged recent news quite a bit on this front, but they're far from alone. Far right with a historical breakthrough in the french parliment. Several countries in europe trying to put the covid debt on the vulnerable instead of the companies making massive profits.

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I can be an optimiste about a lot of things, people who know me will say I'll often find a silver lining to things, ways to hope for the future.

But with everything going on, can we all just agree to say a lot of shit sucks lately and not act like it's fine?

And on top of all this, proper home airconditioning these days almost uses a heat pump which can significantly reduce heating energy use during the winter and they chose to not mention this either...

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5% of emissions for AC is all industries I'm going to bet you that home cooling is a fraction of this. What about malls, or shops that keep their doors open, offices that could be remote?

Once again selectively ignoring the root cause of the problem

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Evening news yesterday:
Air conditioning pollutes more then fans, its 5% of emissions in France. Here's some people buying fans instead

The audacity to run this during a significant hear wave that is putting people in danger all the while implying personal responsibility.

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