But as it stands, they have undeserved power to exert their own, sometimes quite arbitrary rules without any recourse from the consumer.

Imagine if you had no choice of supermarket chain you could shop at.

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Installing the software you want on a device you own shouldn't be something that's up for debate.

Those that trust Apple and don't want to venture out into the risky world of third party stores and such, are of course welcome to stick with the store and use its benefits.

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Man I'm still conflicted about Apple and their policies. On one hand they're not doing too badly at forcing apps and services to be more privacy friendly, on the other hand, their devices are still so restrictive.

This comment section about Codes of conduct is exactly why people consider implementing them, or rules to that effect.

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Annnnd That's the last time I'll ever look at the @phoronix@birdsite.monster comment section

Cause you certainly don't get to chose who's running your supermarket chain, or your favourite delivery service

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Hot take: Some people love to complain about "unelected officials" but do they complain about the heads of corporations that arguably have a bigger impact on their lives then an EU minister improving farming standards?

Hm, I wonder what this video is about so I could decide if it's worth my time.

Seriously, I've had enough of this

I have finally successful separated myself from Facebook.

I was waiting for my family to move away from WhatsApp and if finally happened.

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If you try to assume a person was trying to do the right thing, even if the end result wasn't great, you allow them to make those essential mistakes and learn the subtleties of running communities well that are needed to actually run a safe space. Or maybe you'll learn there was more to the situation than you thought, and that things were never even as bad as they seemed.
It's really not that hard, just stop repeating Every Single Accusation You See Immediately


Here's my onion on the $GME situation

Stock markets have their place, but have been long abused due to more and more optimization and automation.
It seems silly that people can get insanely more rich simply by being rich. Financing and helping companies grow is one that, the current situation is much different.

On top of that, shorting stocks, effectively betting that company will fail is extremely toxic and I'm surprised is allowed. It makes for very perverse incentives.

This is also why I host my own Matrix homeserver, which also comes with privacy benefits.

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Every admin will moderate their server differently. And thanks to federation, the argument of "if you're not happy with the censorship, move to another platform" actually applies, migrating instance is quite possible.

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To be clear, this is not for any of the reasons those freeze🍑 websites got popular.

I'm of the option that the most extreme & harmful messages should be moderated. But the moderation shouldn't be done by a massive entity, thus Mastodon is far preferable.

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As every day another action shows we need to federate more of the internet, I'll take this moment to promote my Mastodon again


Most of my account is crossposted from here but it's good for resiliency.

"Sorry, <appname> doesn't work on rooted devices"

Whops, forgot to toggle hide.

France, after a slow begining to the vaccination campaign, has decided it doesn't need to vaccinate on weekends and, now seems to have decided it can slow down again

France, after a slow begining to the vaccination campaign, has decided it doesn't need to vaccinate on weekends and, now seems to have decided it can slow down again

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