@kdy Salut, juste pour t'informer, il semble que le script pour le renouvellement du certificat de crossposter.im-in.space na pas fonctioné et il a depuis expirée.

There's something so mody about standing by the road outside my place during the night with the cool air and unusual quietness.

My first few days of using Spotify have been so much more pleasant than GPM. I'm actually enjoying organising my library and making playlists as the interface isn't god awful slow.

uBlock Origin:
>> Free. Open source. For users by users. No donations sought.
I still feel the need thank gorhill and all the developers who've contributed to an add-on I install immediately on every browser I use.

RT @internetofshit

Google has officially made Nest products not worth buying. Not only are they force-merging Nest accounts with Google identities, they're killing the API too.

Definitely not buying any Nest product going forward.


🐦🔗: twitter.com/internetofshit/sta

This is the first time I've seen a website support dialects in search results.

TFW you're trying to view Wikipedia citations from US websites while being in the EU... 😡​

Sent my headphones of for a warranty claim, here's hoping Sony doesn't say an engineering design flaw is my fault and try and charge me for repair.

The double edged sword of Google Pay.

Do I let supermarkets track me with my credit card, or do I prefer Google tracking my purchases but using a weekly rotating CC number?

Cinemas, the only place where bottled water is more expensive than Starbucks.

Considering the small hardware the instance I use is running on, I could probably run a Mastodon instance on my own server with little to no performance troubles.

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