Ffs! I got put in the rear row of the plane again

Google Photos shutting down, or killing free uploads will likely be what finally gets me to build a NAS

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I'm not fleeing Google services like some people do, however, as they close down services, I find myself not moving to their alternatives, like with gmusic, I will not be switching to youtube music, the platform is in many ways a downgrade.

I have probably seen the same 5 second audible add on YouTube more than 200 times. this should be illegal...

Slow start TCP algorithms are so frustrating, the bandwidth is there! Stop being cautious and use it already!

I've been doomscrolling a bit to much lately... Muting a few accounts, I have nothing against you but I need a break from the negativity

If there's one positive I can take out of a lot of the negative stories that have risen lately, is that it's shining lights on major social issues, which I hope will in turn lean to actual positive change.

It might take a while but as generations change, society will improve.

Home !
Thanks for following along if have been, I'll go through photos on my 📷 and see if I have any extra things worth sharing.

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Last train of my trip! Long way home but this has been a fun adventure

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And onto the second to last train!
Come on SNCF, it feels like almost every train I see has a tag on the front...

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Hello Valence! Never been here before but the Rhone valley is really pretty!

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T+ 2 D, it's another lovely morning, I've just my way to Geneva, got a little under an hour to wait for my first 3h train ride of the day

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Last train of today, loco hauled, just going one stop then riding a bus and I'll finally be able to chill! Might go for a dip in the water if there's a beach on the edge of lake Geneva near where I'm staying.

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And onto the next train we go! No photo this time, short connection time

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