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sex shaming, awful, eating place, Singapore 

I am aghast that the eatery is called Eggslut, and the menu has an item named Slut.

This normalises a very awful word. Even if used for shock value, it blurs the line between provocative and rude.

I refuse all association with this eatery. My feelings border on embarrassment and shame.

My Mastodon-instance seems to be encountering technical difficulties, so my presence in the Fediverse may be unstable

comparing greetings across Abrahamic religions 

Hebrew language: Shalom aleikhem

Arabic language: As-salamu alaykum

Interesting similarities in the above. (Which correspond to the religions of Judaism and Islam).

Translated into English: peace be upon you ("you" may be plural)

Translated into movies: greetings, Earthling(s). We come in peace.

Note to self: think about the good stuff, think about the praiseworthy stuff, think about the excellent stuff

a quote about going back to university after graduating, for me to ponder over 

"if you have to go back to school, then the school system has failed.

What is this thing I hear about graduates going back to university to learn about Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is easy enough to understand, if you read the White Paper."

- a lecturer at National University of Singapore


In Singapore, where I heard the above quote, there is a somewhat unhealthy emphasis on how many academic qualifications one possesses.

Some pundits say that the push for meritocracy - where the best-qualified person holds power - has failed, and devolved into a metric-tocracy.

And, among strangers in Singapore, a typical get-to-know-you question is: "which school did you attend?"

bleak news from around the world; still I trust in God 

- excessive alcohol consumption, during Covid lockdowns, as people struggle to occupy their time

- increasing rates of suicide

- a shortage of manpower at various organisations, as people quit jobs en masse

- floods in various parts of the world during this month (November 2021), during heavy rains

- a society divided over vaccination decisions

Man has sinned, and of course a sinful man like myself deserves punishment, even death.

But Lord Jesus's invitation to sinners still stands, even today. As long as God's hand is stretched towards me, I will take it.

Lord Jesus offers Paradise in the afterlife, even to me, a sinner. I can ask for no greater gift.

a four-minute TED talk: "make love, not porn" 

Besides speaking at TED 2009, Ms. Cindy Gallop has also launched (probably Not Safe For Work)

This artwork reflects our Covid era

(Seen at a gallery called STPI, on the island of Singapore, on 10 November 2021)

received a postcard from Ukraine 

I've joined, a service that lets Internet-strangers exchange postcards

situations - before Covid - that I hope will stay in the past; mention of God 

- free-loaders who throng the opening night of art exhibitions. (There's usually free-of-charge food and wine). One time, someone sipped the (free-of-charge) wine and said in a somewhat offended tone, "you know, I had champagne at another exhibition"

- crowded public toilets in shopping malls. Sometimes I hear people playing games on their mobile phones, while locking themselves up in a cubicle. Meanwhile, people outside hold in their bowel movements, a desperate look on their faces.

- queues at restaurants, which take more than forty-five minutes

The best part is, God loves these billions of Earthlings so much that God has given them one more day - that is, today - to repent and enter Paradise, through the one perfect sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ.

some advice I've received, about being kind to myself 

"ask yourself: the thing I am doing now, is it benefit-ing me in some way?"


"If you realise you're the smartest person in the room, it's time to find a new room"

You know, sometimes I think a radical act is these times, is not dye-ing my black hair to blond, or importing marijuana illegally into Singapore, but showing genuine kindness in a world full of hatred and hypocrisy

musicians who are against nuclear bombs; mention of God 

In the year 2013, I frequented the underground-music scene in Taipei, Taiwan.

One night, a band-member started talking about anti-nuclear stuff. As in, opinions that oppose nuclear bombs. I found it a distraction from the music, at that time. "Can't you just stop talking, and get the music started already?" I thought.

But today, I miss such overtly political talk from musicians. Especially when it opposes something as horrendous as a nuclear bomb.

Starting today, there is a so-called "festival of alternative music" at a venue called Esplanade Theatres, in Singapore. They have online video-streams too (likely at YouTube):

But it's just not the same as my experience in Taipei. There's something toothless about the music and venue. Sterile and clinical.

This festival may be nice for others, but my grief is undeniable.

Thankfully God sends me comfort.

link to an online encyclopedia: an alcoholic beverage 

Port, or porto.

I was curious to see if brandy was indeed added to port.

But my friend, an expert in wine, says only some port - specifically, "very old port" - has brandy inside, not all. 🤔

Biblical proverb about fools 

"it is an honour for a man to be aloof from strife, but every fool will be quarelling."

(The Biblical book of Proverbs, Chapter 20, Verse 3)

singapore, politics, international pressure; quotes from the Bible 

Within a few short weeks, the authorities of Singapore have faced pressure from the following:

- the authorities of China examined how certain dormitory-operators have neglected Chinese residents (who had concerns about Covid).

- the authorities of the U.S. looked into how their Singaporean counterpart has restricted press freedom, as well as how the latter has been maintaining financial ties with the violent military-junta in Myanmar.

But as for me, I am looking forward to a day of quiet and ease. Maybe I will send a postcard. Or sip some coffee. Or read a book.

A couple of Biblical proverbs, for me to take heed:

"riches do not profit in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death."

And: "When justice is executed, it is a joy to the righteous, but a terror to evil-doers."

March 2020, Chinatown, Singapore.

Little did I know that in a few weeks' time, everyone's face is going to disappear behind a mandatory Covid mask.

I hope you enjoy this scene of (yester-year) everyday life.

Today, 8th October 2021, is Children's Day in Singapore (according to )

Eat your candy and watch your movies (while you still can, mua-ha-ha-ha)

(Image source: )

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