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Gender, organised religion 

I just wanna report that I heard someone - who holds the title of Reverend - say over a Zoom call that "there are only two genders: male and female".

I haven't formed an opinion about that Reverend and that Reverend's words yet.

A book, "international conflict resolution", recent Myanmar news, mention of Kosovo 

Can a book about Kosovo tell me what to expect for international action over Myanmar?

"Kosovo: The path to contested statehood in the Balkans". James Ker-Lindsay.

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looking for a job, trying to escape an abusive situation, boosts appreciated 

hey there! my name's kez, and i'm trying to escape an abusive household

i've been putting this post off for a while because i didn't think my situation was that bad, but i've recently been forced to ackowledge the fact that the people i live with are extremely abusive, and that living here is extremely dangerous for me. i'm trying to move in with my girlfriend, but getting an apartment with her is going to require me to make around $800 a month

i'm looking for a remote job. i'm a programmer, with experience in fullstack and systems development. i've got 7 years experience with python, and a few years experience with c, sql, front-end languages, django, flask, and linux. i'm a (small-scale) linux sysadmin. i've got experience with a wide array of languages and paradigms (crystal, php, c#, glsl es, nodejs, haskell, functional, oop). i learn extremely quickly, and i can teach myself a working knowledge of a language in about a week for simple languages like php, or a few months for complex languages like haskell

i've built some extremely complex systems, i've written a code generator for an oop research language that emitted llvm-ir, i've implemented web application sessions and session-based auth completely from scratch. i've contributed extensively to type stubs for django and even wrote a package to monkey-patch django to work around edge-case bugs in mypy

if you or someone you know is looking to hire a remote developer or freelancer, please let me know! this is slightly time-sensitve but not *super* urgent. i'm trans and disabled, so they'd have to be chill about that kind of thing

boosts are super appreciated, thank you for taking the time to read <3
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Wandered into the part of Goodreads filled with Harry Potter fan-fiction, and male-on-male romance stories.

(That's not to say I have anything against those).

I think I have seen the problem described as such:

"I love to read. But when I hang out with people who also love to read, the main activity is talking instead of reading."


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Insurance, negative; mention of (possible) war, riots; mention of God 

Today I learnt I cannot claim benefits if my claim "arose from wars or any warlike operations or participation in any riot."

(It is an insurance that (supposedly) covers death, Terminal Illness or Total Permanent Disability.)

I guess I have to count on God (once more) for peace of mind, during any wars.

Amazon (not the forest), free/gratis stuff 

A (e-)book of photos by Kimiko Kitani. "My Favorite Places in Australia: Fraser Island."

Unsure how long it is going to remain free/gratis. 🤔

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Nitter link, disaster, ways to contribute 

"For over 10 days now, around half the residents of Jackson, Mississippi have not had running water.

And nobody is talking about it on a national scale.

I am begging the national media to please pay attention. There is a crisis happening in Jackson."

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Did the grocery store just remove root permissions so I couldn't exploit leeks?

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cargo pants? no, car go vroom. doggy pants

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Imagine walking past someone who's standing next to a junkyard watering a dead clemantis plant with a spray bottle. Neighbours probably think quarantine has driven me round the bend (it has, but not in the way they think 😅 ). Worth it, though.

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