I have overcome my bank's employees by appealing to God 

God has given me enough generosity of heart to wish blessings upon my bank's employees, no matter what they have done to me in the past.

I feel no resentment now, and that frees me, in a way.

But it still seems prudent for me to change banks, for various reasons.

The difference that God makes in my life is this: Now I can change banks with peace of mind, instead of anger in my heart.

please excuse me from the Tooting world for a moment, I am in the middle of a struggle for dominance with my bank's employees 

Does the bank exist for me, or do I exist for the bank?

I am about to find out.

But maybe I'm the one who goes home defeated, with my proverbial tail between my legs. who knows

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math a11y 

Folks who use screenreaders or braille devices: is MathML generally what works best for college-level math, for you?

For context, I'm a sighted librarian at a community college. I'd like to help our tutoring staff and student tutors make accessible versions of current and future math handouts.

So far I've found developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do and diagramcenter.org/specific-gui .

Before shaving the wrong yak, I'd love to get people's perspectives on whether MathML works well in their experience.

a Toot in which I rant, and then link to an article about siloes in businesses 

I visited my bank in person today, and it is clear that the staff have divided themselves into siloes, to the detriment of the man on the street.


Man: "your bank has blocked me from accessing Internet-banking".

Staff: "there, I've unblocked you. And my colleagues will call you soon, to verify that you are indeed the one who requested me to unblock you."

Man: "at what time will they call?"

Staff: "within the next 24 hours."

Man: "and from which number?"

Staff: *tries to put on a brave front, but clearly doesn't know*

- end of interaction -

So the layperson has to keep his phone ready for a call that comes from an unfamiliar number, scheduled for an ill-defined time in the future. (8 AM? 10 AM? Or while the layperson is in the toilet?)

To add to the inconvenience, the layperson can expect to get blocked from Internet-banking (again), if he fails to pick up that call.

An article about siloes:


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hot take 

I still stand by this: the next person who tells me "tech is going to save the world" is yet another agent of illusion.

I am not deceived.

against Facebook as an identity manager 

Mainstream society seems to use Facebook as the de facto way of evaluating how trustworthy an Online Person is.

They think: "Does this Facebook-profile have 300+ Facebook Friends? And does a human face appear in the Profile Photo? If yes, this Internet-stranger is trustworthy. If no, let me avoid contact."

But that conflates the role of a forum - which is to allow like-minded people to gather - with the role of an identity manager, which is to prove that someone is indeed who he claims to be.

(In fact, Facebook's leaders have encouraged such conflation, with exhortations like "Use your real name" and "Avoid using multiple Facebook accounts")

But I disagree. I say that such conflation has to stop. A forum should remain a forum, where users can be as anonymous as they like. And if you want to prove your identity, you should use a specialised tool for that, such as @yarmo 's invention, Keyoxide. (More info: nlnet.nl/project/Keyoxide/ )

What do you think?

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#circusInPlace , once again bringing you sillyness and somewhere to hang out (virtually) on a Monday evening. (or Tuesday morning, depending on your time zone)
we're in there hanging out, come join us!

I deliberately have only one (1) Facebook Friend, and I have chosen a tree as my profile-picture.

Predictably enough, more than one administrator of a Facebook Group has refused me entry into their group. "Your Facebook account is fake!" they cry. "Show us your real Facebook profile!"

Instead of feeling hurt, let me turn it into a little exploration: how many rejections will I encounter, before my Facebook-profile finds acceptance in Facebookland?

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Today I learnt that there exists a certain person named Herb.

Herb has written about floppy-disk drives.

Um, Herb has written a lot about floppy-disk drives.


reading a memoir of sorts; mention of mass violence 

I'm about 37% through Loung Ung's "Lucky child".

It really puts my own struggles in perspective, when I read about the trauma of civilians who have suffered under a murderous regime (led by Pol Pot).

Internet banking, annoying; mention of God 

My bank's employees have successfully prevented me from accessing banking services through the Internet; they failed to recognise me after I switched to a new phone.

Patience, patience.

God loves sinners, and I must do as God does. Lord Jesus, help me.

(By the way, I heard that people who hold on to Bitcoin, can lose their wealth if they themselves forget the password).

Today I learnt that there is an International Spy Museum in Washington DC.


(And I remember when the word "crypto" used to be cool. Oh , man. But let me disregard these annoyances.)

re: saw a call for volunteers 

@grumpysmiffy I'm so glad we agree

This is your friendly neighbourhood reminder to resist society's call to work for the sake of working.

You deserve rest.

An example of how to use "monomaniac" in a sentence, as seen in Cambridge Dictionary:

"The single-minded ones, the monomaniacs, are the only true achievers."


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A male Green Baron (Euthalia adonia) spotted at Pasir Ris Park, Singapore, on 16 Jan 2022. First time I've seen this butterfly.

On iNaturalist [ inaturalist.org/observations/1 ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Butterflies #Lepidoptera

saw a call for volunteers 

I quote:

"Volunteer applicants are regarded as highly as full-time employees."

That probably means the managers of that organisation, plan to work volunteers just as hard as full-time employees, if not more.


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