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SQL joke 

A SQL query goes to a bar, and walks up to two tables:

"Can I join you?" 🥺

(Seen on LinkedIn, from the user known as "Daliana Liu")

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Self care doesn't have to be fancy, expensive, or time consuming. Step away for a few minutes and breathe.

This is a friendly reminder that if my Toots no longer spark joy in your life, please feel free to un-Follow me.

Of course you can.

Please do what works for you - and your well-being - and maybe I'll see you in a healthier place in the future, hopefully (in the or elsewhere).

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Here's your #CC0 #ArtReference photo for today! This is Neuschwanstein castle in Germany ^.^

Recreate it in your style, sketch it for practice, or just find inspiration. Loads of depth and layers in this photo, there are lots of ways you could interpret this! Play around :) :bob_ross:

Source: pixabay.com/photos/neuschwanst


Oh my fingers feel like making a piñata. Or a papier-mâché something.

And now that I am not allowed to drink, I have time and money that I'd otherwise spend at a bar

A piñata, Covid, capital letters 

I quote:

"make a coronavirus piñata and hit the piñata until it is DEFEATED!"

From "How to make a coronavirus piñata", written by Liz. URL: bookmaniac.org/2021/03/24/how-

Re. Alc, self-restraint; mention of Christian rite 

I realised I can have wine during Communion, but only a sip is served to me, each time... And the ABV of the wine seems, uh..
Maybe I'd better describe it as grape juice that mildly resembles wine in its taste.

Anyway, what am I thinking, what matters is eternal life and forgiveness of sin, not drinking.

As written in the Bible: "the kingdom of God is not about eating and drinking, but about peace, joy and righteousness."

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Alc, self-restraint 

I kinda agreed to a challenge to only drink on New Year's Day and my birthday.

I agreed to it without realising what I was signing up for, and now I can't bring myself to back out of that challenge.

(Now I'm wondering if I can drink on Lunar New Year, besides 1st of January).

In the mean-time, is it time to say goodbye? Goodbye for now, tannins! Goodbye for now, smoky and peaty whisky!

Agghh *flops on bed*


Just dusted off one years' worth of dust from a pair of pants, which I last wore during a part-time job as Kitchen Assistant.

(Had been in that job for about one year and four months, before Covid alarms started ringing in Singapore).

On a positive note, I still fit into it... But am I feeling faintly breathless and suffocated? Could it be... *gasp* these pants have become too tight 😱

Or rather, did my waist-line...

Well, to quote William Hung: "I tried my best and I have no regrets."

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Any instrument makers around these parts? Would love to see your projects and share knowledge :)

I have it in the back of my mind to start building harps soon.

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winter maiden blush apples, painted by amanda almira newton, 1910

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Stupid joke of the day:

Wife: I regret getting you that blender for Christmas.

Me: sipping toast "Why?"

@khm there is some kind of job board, over at Are.na ; I've posted your link there, in case the Arena-denizens are interested


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