Someone donated a little diskette to me and asked if I would like to embellish it.

I have no way of reading the contents of the diskette... For now...

Added an Australian postal stamp to my Christmas collection.

Added some stamps from England, to my little collection. The theme is Christmas

My friend asked me if I would like a picture by Picasso, titled "Portrait of Jaime Sabartes". (It was only a copy, not the original.... as far as I am aware).

I like it very much, but I have hardly enough space to store the huge portrait.

But I satisfy myself by looking at a digital version.

Back in August 2021, I found a leopard-print thingy at a thrift shop.

(It was in the free-to-take pile of clothes. So it cost me $0, excluding the cost of transport.)

It was like a synthetic fabric - not even fur - so I doubt any leopards were harmed in making that thingy.

This artwork reflects our Covid era

(Seen at a gallery called STPI, on the island of Singapore, on 10 November 2021)

received a postcard from Ukraine 

I've joined, a service that lets Internet-strangers exchange postcards

March 2020, Chinatown, Singapore.

Little did I know that in a few weeks' time, everyone's face is going to disappear behind a mandatory Covid mask.

I hope you enjoy this scene of (yester-year) everyday life.

Today, 8th October 2021, is Children's Day in Singapore (according to )

Eat your candy and watch your movies (while you still can, mua-ha-ha-ha)

(Image source: )

Remembering those who are possibly exiled from Singapore, self-imposed or otherwise:

- Ho Juan Thai
- Ang Swee Chai & the late Francis Khoo
- Wong Soon Fong
- Liu Bo
- Tan Wah Piow
- Mr and Mrs Tan Hee Kim
- Chan Sun Wing
- Mr and Mrs He Jin
- Dr Poh Soo Kai


- Tang Fong Har
- Francis Seow

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