Recent U.S. news, orphans, fundraiser 

2 million dollars, raised in one day (Screenshot below).


Recent Myanmar news, coup 

My friend - who is in Myanmar now - requested that I share this with the rest of the world. (A poster below)

People of Myanmar have been barred from Facebook and Instagram. (And I am not sure if VPNs can continue to work in the coming days).

Today someone volunteered to help me put up an ("in-real-life") exhibition, once I have a "substantial" number of photos shot!

So grateful for such support.

Well, in the meantime, here is a selection of shots I have at the moment.

It turns out that after nine months, my "Journal of a part-time technologist" is becoming a stash of hyperlinks. 😅

Particularly interesting to me are people who ask politely for money, on the Internet. They may or may not offer something in return. I've featured such people in my journal; the following screenshot shows hyperlinks to them.

Source of screenshot:

I'd like to thank the folks at @codeberg for offering an alternative to GitHub

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re: Somewhat tongue-in-cheek; Instant Messaging 

I kinda clarify/elaborate my previous Toot, in the screenshot below, which adds to the first half of my previous Toot, but not the second half.

(I use a screenshot instead of typing it out in this Toot, to bypass the limit on the number of characters in a Toot.)

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U.S. politics, recent news, mention of LinkedIn 

Since the users in my current "social circle" on LinkedIn chose to remain silent on such public violence, I decided to seek out users who spoke up instead. (I'm curious what they have to say).

I found one Lily Zheng, who wanted to know how employers could fire employees who have taken part in an attempted coup. (Screenshot).

Link to Lily Zheng's post in the walled garden that is LinkedIn:

Insect on the island of Singapore (mainland) 

Saw this somewhere near Esplanade.

Can @sohkamyung help me identify it, please? 🙂

Another Black-and-white photo I've shot. 

Untitled. Early 2020, Singapore.

Featuring a famous architect's work, called Interlace.

I find it helpful to learn how to pronounce French words via Japanese language.

For example, bourgeois is apparently pronounced bu-ru-jo-wa. (Screenshot).

And I recently heard an affectionate abbreviation for bourgeois: "bougie". (Source: )

Had a rare opportunity to make a sheet of paper by hand, recently.

It's rather satisfying to see it take shape from some fibres that float around in a tank of liquid(s)!

re: Spelling, honesty 

It's not just a theoretical or hypothetical situation. May I present Exhibit A

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Covid, mention of false positives, scientifically-worded article 

The writers of this article - which can be heavy on jardon - identify serious consequences of false positives (tests that show someone has Covid when that person is actually free of it) and suggest measures to manage the risk of false positives.

I think this matter deserves attention.

Article by Elena Surkova, et al. 29 September 2020. "False-positive COVID-19 results: hidden problems and costs". At :

Mention of nude(s); a sketch of a nude female (not my sketch) 

Hopefully if I have nothing else to do, I spend all that time on (learning about) drawing nude humans

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