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I'm selling my artwork, online:

I'm posting material related to my art, on Tumblr:

Any Boost/Favourite from anyone in the is welcome and appreciated 🙂

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Remembering those who are possibly exiled from Singapore, self-imposed or otherwise:

- Ho Juan Thai
- Ang Swee Chai & the late Francis Khoo
- Wong Soon Fong
- Liu Bo
- Tan Wah Piow
- Mr and Mrs Tan Hee Kim
- Chan Sun Wing
- Mr and Mrs He Jin
- Dr Poh Soo Kai


- Tang Fong Har
- Francis Seow

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I just discovered a magazine, and web-site,


It started with a focus on sneakers (what I see as an intersection of shoes and "street culture"), and expanded into graphic novels, music and other aspects of "lifestyle".

I first read about the above, from a 2014 issue of the paper-pulp magazine known as Cereal (the editor then: Rosa Park).

I guess, I've been furloughed from my part-time job at a restaurant

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Here's the high-res printable PDF of the hand-drawn mandala I did recently;

Remember that I have oodles of free pages in my Patreon posts that you can view by clicking 'posts' at this link:

And they're accessible to everyone, whether they have a Patreon account or not!

I also have a huge collection of my older free colouring images at


#MastoArt #CreativeToots

A quote maybe relevant to Covid-19/recent news re. Disease 

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Assuming there exist some people who desire to be different from others, it is rather ironic that in trying - attempting - to look different, these people collectively look the same.

I need not count how many credit cards are advertised as "it's more than a credit card" to illustrate my point.

In this context, software that is named "Yet Another To-do List" seems so refreshingly candid, and subversive, even.

Male customer: "I'm just one person"

Waitress: "So you want me to accompany you, is that it?"

"No, no! I just thought-"

Satire maybe 

"Creativity is the most important thing in a late-capitalist economy. Creativity is all we have after the machines automate everything else away" - @acdw


"Creativity is the most important thing in a late-capitalist economy. Creativity is all we have after the machines automate everything else away" - @acdw


At a bar-cum-restaurant. Did The Beatles just turn into so-called muzak

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Today's six word tragedy: "Chuck E. Cheese, carry out only."

Do authority-figures feel a threat that people can network with one another?

I'm just wondering.

I've come across some (possibly academic) research that said something, set in the above context, like, "Authority neutralises networks. Networks keep authority in check. The two forces have an uneasy co-existence with each other".

Let me know if you know the name of the researcher who said the above; I know that researcher is female but her name eludes me (for now)

I am a lamb being sent among wolves. I have to be kind to myself and ask (myself) what I am getting in return - and I am instructed to be "as innocent as a dove" in doing so

It's quite astounding to me that there can be people who are intellectual but not intelligent

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These teenage ducklings haven't got the memo about Social Distancing. (probably because they can't read).

#bird #birb #AustralianWildlife #AustralianWoodDuck

It's streaming a performance of Bizet's opera, "Carmen", until 3.30 PM, EDT, on Tuesday (17 March 2020).


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