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please dont hate me for boosting, following, or interacting with a problematic person
i just really dont have the time to background check every single person and see if they're ok or not
maybe im being paranoid over whether people have done this or not, but fuck it gets to me a lot

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i think im going to start replying "user has followed you because of this post" whenever i follow someone because of a post

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jill's android piracy guide (for legal reasons, 100% a shitpost, you should never do this) 

have you ever wanted to pirate a paid game to your android phone? maybe play some minecraft? maybe patch out microtransactions out of an app? well, you're in luck because i've done that for ages and can tell you all the tricks you use

sorry 2021 is cancelled. 2020 is staying in overtime for the rest of january

if i ever post on this acc its due to testing, please ignore

i sure do hope i dont wake up to goat breaking hellsite again!
^ clueless

it says, before proceeding to slowly devour the fridge in the kitchen and scrolling through the tl

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okay, im going to bed i think
im tired i did a lot (practically nothing) today
:ms_robot_sleep_mode:​ nn

if you arent aware yet, ill be (hopefully) soon moving to @oat
however, aliases are being a heck, so ill give it a day or so and try to make a redirect again

ok ive had enough of my brain imagining mods im. going to actually mod

i might move instances omce again
moderation here isnt that great and i feel lonely
might try pleroma who knows

not gonna do requests for a bit, but u can reply if u want one and ill do it later

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gonna follow every instance's status accounts, just for fun

its really fun discovering what stands for
so please never explain it to anyone

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