Weekly dose of corporations behaving in unsurprising manners:

Verizon has streamlined flow for porting numbers, and I'm totally baffled about how to migrate numbers already on the service.

UPS left a delivery attempt notice. Neither of us has left the house all day.

Pretty sure typographers explaining bad kerning is some kind of elaborate sabotage plot.

Love too get Duolingo questions wrong because of a momentary lapse in FPS skills.

Guess who forgot that his blog publishing pipeline uses Anaconda, and uninstalled it.

(Honestly, it really shouldn't...)

I've been seeing ads for DoorDash around. I wonder if they ever plugged the hole in their signup process where someone could just put in any phone number they wanted and it would make no effort to verify that they owned it.

This looks approximately 4 times more extreme than it is because the axis is shoved so far down.

"module rated CRITICAL" yeah that's just, like, your opinion, man.

Can't wait for my GitHub code analysis integrations to yell at me for having the audacity to "add features".

Is there any kind of forum or anything where I can point to a library I wrote and ask for feedback on it? I've been way out of the loop so far as the social aspect of working on software.

Actually, Creatures, Inc was the developer for various spin-off titles. The proper name is Pokémon Creatures' monsters.

"Hey Max, how much water have you drunk today?"


We switched from Mercurial to git, and at the same time, from usually merging (I think) to heavily favoring rebases.

Back then, we only had to fix merge conflicts one time each. Just think of all the character-building we missed out on!

Git evangelists: "With the ability to edit history, you can present a clean narrative to people reading your logs."

Me, just trying to ship software: "Why does this branch have like five copies of the same set of commits in it?"

Are usernames along the lines of "_xXx_BunnySephiroth69_xXx_" in line with the sentiment in "Soon, all of us will have special names -- names designed to cause the cathode ray tube to resonate."? Discuss.

"Disney reportedly made only one sodium vapor camera because only one working prism was ever produced, despite attempts to replicate it." Someone please make this heist movie set in the 60s or 70s.


Me: lol what the eff was going on 18 years ago this is wild

Imagine if a cyberpunk author came up with promoting a corporate franchise on a country's official currency, complete with trademark symbols everywhere.

I think it's pretty likely that a good portion of the commentary on that would feel such a concept was too over-the-top.

And yet.

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