I guess my feeling is, it looks like this is meant to *write functions for you*, and it's not obvious whether there's the capability or potential for it to *question whether the function needs to be written*.

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I'm looking at the Python memoization example from copilot.github.com/ and thinking to myself "If I ever needed this functionality, I would simply use functools.cache".

(And if it were for some reason *imperative* for me to implement the function myself, I'd use wrapt, probably. Or functools.wraps. Not, you know, nothing, and thereby destroy the function signatures.)


It'd be like writing a CLI that prints "You're going to die." to stderr, and refusing to remove the message, because it's not *incorrect* or anything. Just useless.

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boring git internals 

I'm somehow still annoyed at the "Your branch is up to date with 'origin/main'." message from `git status`.

In order to make any kind of informed use of this information, you have to understand the following three-part distinction between branches:

- There is a server, locally designated as "origin", which has a "main" branch
- There is a local branch, called "origin/main", which you do not alter explicitly, but which is set to track the "main" branch on "origin"
- There is a local branch, called "main", which tracks "origin/main", and is not explicitly linked to "origin"

(I'm sure I got something at least a little wrong in all of that, but it's more correct than the mental model anyone new to git is likely to come up with. This is not a slight against people new to git.)

That message from `git status` has nothing to do with the state of the first branch I mentioned, only the other two.

I do not think the `git status` message conveys any useful info in the common use case for git.

I've been binging on viral math problem discourse because I have terrible judgement, and I've concluded that we, as a global society, are completely unprepared for a world in which a malevolent demon or extradimensional imp appears in front of us and demands that we manipulate arbitrary strings of symbols.

Huh. Really hitting the misclicks in this Masto client today for some reason.

(In other words: "We will hold up PEP 8 violations by other tools as reasons not to use them, while simultaneously mandating behavior that specifically violates PEP 8.")

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Writing style guides appears to be a hell of a drug. "Black violates PEP 8! Also, include an encoding comment even when the encoding is utf-8!"

Hot take: "foxtrot merges" wouldn't be such a big deal if git had mercurial-style branches.

Documentation on libraries I want to use be like "The best time for you to add this to your project was a week ago, and the instructions we have assume that's the case."

Like, I don't want to run a quickstart script. I want to invest the minimum effort without trashing my project structure.

Weekly dose of corporations behaving in unsurprising manners:

Verizon has streamlined flow for porting numbers, and I'm totally baffled about how to migrate numbers already on the service.

UPS left a delivery attempt notice. Neither of us has left the house all day.

Pretty sure typographers explaining bad kerning is some kind of elaborate sabotage plot.

Love too get Duolingo questions wrong because of a momentary lapse in FPS skills.

Guess who forgot that his blog publishing pipeline uses Anaconda, and uninstalled it.

(Honestly, it really shouldn't...)

I've been seeing ads for DoorDash around. I wonder if they ever plugged the hole in their signup process where someone could just put in any phone number they wanted and it would make no effort to verify that they owned it.

This looks approximately 4 times more extreme than it is because the axis is shoved so far down.

"module rated CRITICAL" yeah that's just, like, your opinion, man.

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Can't wait for my GitHub code analysis integrations to yell at me for having the audacity to "add features".

Is there any kind of forum or anything where I can point to a library I wrote and ask for feedback on it? I've been way out of the loop so far as the social aspect of working on software.

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