that transmasc feel when you wish your low, raspy voice while you’re sick was your voice all the time

Playing Pokémon Go while watching Demon Slayer and wearing a Berserk shirt and suddenly realizing what a weeb I am right now


(>^_^)> drinking <(^_^)> on <(^_^<) a <(^_^)> work (>^_^)> night <(^_^)>

<(^_^<) it’s <(^_^)> a (>^_^)> bad <(^_^)> idea <(^_^<)

i like when the Black Dresses song goes cronch cronch cronch

kit: doesn’t post for weeks
also kit: 5 gender shitposts in 5 min

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re: absolute fuckin nonsense, prob dont open 

fuck I meant rotate the n to make a u fuck it’s ruined now FUCK

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re: absolute fuckin nonsense, prob dont open 

i did try to do something clever and clearly gave up like halfway through lmao

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absolute fuckin nonsense, prob dont open 

the gov doesnt want you to know

that if u rearrange the letters of gender

and reverse the d to make a b

and rotate the u to make n

and add a g

then drop the u b r and one of the e

u get


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lb: the post in question (since it was tucked away in a reply)

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20-something faves and something-teen boosts is basically viral by fedi standards, right?

@gabek there’s a hole somewhere in our (otherwise closed off) chimney and birds get stuck in our fireplace from time to time, and we capture them and release them outside. but one time a bat got trapped in there and I was like “sorry little dude, I really don’t want rabies ):” I’m not sure if it found its way back out or found some nook to crawl into and starved to death but it was too much of a health risk to try to help it. I feel guilty about it too

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pretty sure I’ve had too much today 👀👀👀

alright, that’s it

thanks for being such a warm and welcoming place, fedi. my gender musings have been with me my whole life but felt nurtured here, like it’s easy and safe to explore here

anyway, good night

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i feel like a lot of nonbinary people i know are "i don't really do gender" or "i have one gender and it's not a binary one" and i'm just over here like "i'm a dragon and my hoard is genders. i have 5000 genders. here's a rare 1983 misprint Girl gender with a slightly different font. i refuse to allow a gender to exist without me owning a copy of it. i change genders every 10 minutes. only 2% of my genders are tournament legal. fuck you"

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