Incredibles 2, e/c 

Evelyn, a programmer that hates technology so much that she becomes a supervillain is such a mood

gender feels 

I have literally been all of these lmao, sometimes in the span of the same week

selfie, no e/c 

today I am Kenny-from-South-Park level of cold

selfie, e/c 

I might have gone shorter than I’d like this time

oh well, hair grows back


I don’t think we’re quite there but I think we’re getting closer to…something “me”

upon my 537th time of watching Monsters University, I realized all girl monsters have the same long eyelashes (almost all with little black dots on the ends) and I can’t unsee it

drunk posting 

I combined the pillows from two hotel beds and constructed a new bed

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re: food (junk, animal product) 

fuck it, I thought it’d be funny

whether or not it’s actually funny is debatable

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woah look at this ancient relic I found buried in clothes and papers and junk on my dresser

selfie, e/c 

hi fediverse I cut my own hair in a fit of dysphoria. this is not the first time it’s happened lol…


how do i make this hapen on my head

e/c (cat) 

on the bright side, I have Cat

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