I don’t even know what to say lmao

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@kitty ha. :) I find my little Masto-verse surprisingly healthy 🤷

@deafferret yeah, as I said in my text, I feel like, like twitter, it’s a matter of whom you follow and how you curate the content you follow, but sure, there’s a lot of horny-on-main lol

also I find the “sewer orgy” less stressful than the constant fire hose of negativity that is twitter

@kitty I also find un-fucked-with timelines and notifications (original (years ago)Twitter, Mastodon always) way easier to control my mental health in the space.

@deafferret for sure. Also I love, love, love CWs and I can’t go back now. I have a 3rd party twitter app that lets me condense tweets based on keywords and I can tap to expand them if I want, but it just takes so much work to make twitter tolerable for me (pretty sure I had like 100–200 muted keywords at some point), it’s not worth it

@kitty I wasn't gonna say anything, but since you brought it up, CW'ing any mention of Twitter at all under "Birbsite" is popular, apparently. Tsk tsk tsk ;) <3

@deafferret yeah, slipped my mind, lol. oh well, no one’s perfect, we all do our best and just gotta learn from our mistakes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@kitty my stupid brain didn't know how to parse your locked tweet and the social contracts of locked + CWs anyway and quickly gave up. :)

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