depending on how late it gets and how many spoons I have, I might just bleach it tonight then dye it tomorrow night

Every time I bleach my hair, I’m like, is this the time when I’ll leave the bleach in my hair too long and it will break and all fall out?

Time to find out if today’s the day ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

oh my god the purple hair dye didn’t take at ALL, what the fuck

it’s like really late now, I’ll try dying it again tomorrow night. maybe pink; I know the pink dye I have in my closet is reliable

it’s the moment of truth; I tried the purple again and it’s time to rinse it out


I DRENCHED it in this dye, so it BETTER FUCKING DYE

oh, I forgot to follow up because I basically rinsed out the dye and passed out, but it IS purple now n_n Will probably take a selfie later


selfie, e/c, weight loss (+) 

Purple hair! Also wanted to show off my shirt that I’ve finally lost enough pregnancy weight to be able to wear again

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