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if you know me irl, consider yourself grandfathered into the old pronouns lol, and please continue to use them irl because I don’t know what I’m doing, but I think I’ll try he/him just here for a bit and see how that feels ok

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selfie w/ cat, e/c 

*slaps roof of cat* this cat can fit so much cat

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this song makes me miss dancing in clubs which I rarely did and haven’t done in…10 years maybe??

A post scribed by an intoxicated individual, beware contents therein 

tequila’s good shit

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A post scribed by an intoxicated individual, beware contents therein 


lifehack for how to fold a fitted sheet perfectly 

you can’t, no one can

Incredibles 2, e/c 

Evelyn, a programmer that hates technology so much that she becomes a supervillain is such a mood

gender feels 

I have literally been all of these lmao, sometimes in the span of the same week

gender feels 

how do I even tell people to start calling me a different name aAaaaaaA

selfie, no e/c 

today I am Kenny-from-South-Park level of cold

anime rambles 

madoka magica is fucked up and no one should ever watch but also please watch it so you can feel my pain

this is your computer 🥚
this is your computer running docker 🍳
any questions?

happy fucking halloween, have some racism 

whyyyyy are people still dressing up as American Indians

love confession 

I might be in love with Steve from Blues Clues

sort of a subpost 

pro-tip for phishers: if an email ever has a link that says “hewwo pwease cwick me ! owo” I will be compelled by the forces of nature to click it

selfie, e/c 

I might have gone shorter than I’d like this time

oh well, hair grows back


I don’t think we’re quite there but I think we’re getting closer to…something “me”

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