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junk food 

my stomach hurts now

how can this be

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junk food 

ah, yes, teddy grahams and an energy drink. the breakfast of champions.

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it’s also that time of night when my cat curls up on my face and purrs and limits my oxygen intake until I fall asleep

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cat-adjacent* animals are also acceptable

* alpacas - just big fluffy horse cats
owls - cats with feathers
foxes - dog cats

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okay, I just needed to get that out of my system, good morning everyone

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grammar nitpicking 

okay, I don’t roast people for their grammar anymore because I agree that it has classist/racist undertones, but, like

come on Facebook, I’m sure you have a massive team of copywriters

it’s WHOM. WHOM!!

please leave me alone 

we are sleeping

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good evening 

is this available?

(yes it is)

selfie, e/c 

I don’t always take selfies, but when I do they’re pretty much always with my cat

vague whining, a lot of h’s 


I had a dream that I was posting here about how to escape cops but I don’t remember what my tips were anymore.

I think it may have amounted to something like, just run really fast.

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please boost - trying to find a place for a trans woman to leave her abusive controlling family 

I'm posting this on behalf of a 20 year old closeted trans woman who lives with her family. Her family hates her and is incredibly abusive and controlling. She really needs a place to get out to.

She's in Pennsylvania. If you're around there and can take in a person, or think you might know people who can, please pass it on.

I don't expect anything will come of this, but I'm really hoping that we can make a real difference to one person's life. She needs to get out and she deserves to be happy and to actually be able to live.

there’s a theme of questioning the actions of my past self tonight

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