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*closes mastodon*

ok what should I do on my phone now

*opens mastodon*


alc, mh 

me at the exact right amount of drunk: silly, giggly, friendly, sociable, generally good mood

me ¼ of a shot past the exact right amount: moody, volatile, existential crisis, winning at Tetris 99 while crying and hugging my cat

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okay, let's turn this old personal WordPress site into a static site. I shouldn't need to redo the styles, I just need to pull this markup over, and...

**15 minutes later**

oh god, everything is bad, I need to redo everything

I literally only created the trello board lmao

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just you wait, as soon as someone constructs a double bass pedal that can be operated by restless leg syndrome, I will be the fastest metal drummer ever

I don’t have time for anything anymore, maybe creating a trello board for it will make me happy lol

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gettin’ that side project itch again

name dropping 

I miss Jake ):

snuggled up under my comforter in my nest of pillows, playing sudoku, all feels right in the world, for a time

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sudoku has a Pavlovian effect on me now, I can’t play it during the day, it puts me to sleep

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idk why playing sudoku on my phone is such an effective bedtime ritual. it’s just so soothing and then I get sleepy

what is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star but the inferior second verse of the ABC song

The iOS stage lighting effect is fun, it’s like I’m a photographer or something lol


It was a one-two punch of “I can’t believe they’re making me use a SLIDER for AGE” and then “WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESNT GO HIGHER THAN 30”

my OTP is Arthur and that girl squirrel from Sword in the Stone

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cw meta kind of, sensationalized sui 

but for real, I feel bad for people that would be triggered by that kind of stuff, it’s pretty morbid

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