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And my code works.
No kittens were harmed today!

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Working with a playlist of Gura singing was a great idea.

GLB just went YATTA.
I'm siding with the majority of SEA players ig lol

RT @HonkaiImpact3rd@birdsite

2021's Stan Wars Overtime Voting Results Announced

Thank you for voting, Captains!
An intense voting session has determined the winners of 2021's Stan Wars Overtime.
Did your pick win?
View the Winners on HoYoLAB>>


Le Mot (@WordleFR@birdsite) #5 3/6


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Wordle 209 5/6


Le Mot (@WordleFR@birdsite) #4 4/6



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Wordle 208 6/6


God dammit.

Je regarde jamais les chiffres de @NlrFR@birdsite mais là je passais dans le dashboard de cloudflare et... ah, en 24 h ? En 2022 ?

Le Mot (@WordleFR@birdsite) #3 5/6


J'ai cherché trop loin au départ lol.

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Wordle 207 5/6


Envie de m'arracher les cheveux.
Entre les infos que j'avais pas bon dès le départ (et que les nouvelles sont tordues) et que j'aurai juste dû pas reléguer des tests à l'apprenti (des problèmes evident pas ressortis et j'ai trop fait confiance), je suis foutu.

Also I asked my dad and he clearly saw them as orange. That's scary :blobcat0_0:

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Thank god there's a colorblind mode.

But I just think the contrast isn't great between them, unlike the emoji squares here where I can clearly see the difference.

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Okay I'm definitively colorblind.
In Wordle I saw that in the first line I had an orange letter, but for the consecutive lines I saw them all in green when they weren't.

First time trying. I'm not good at this but it's satisfying to get it

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Wordle 205 6/6


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