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Oh, today's Bandcamp Friday.
Starting in 45 minutes.

this redesigned menu is cool and all. discord.
but it would have been great if it showed the roles/profile in the current server, instead I have to scroll long user lists or stop lurking to open my user card

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Just switched over here to a new space (pun fully intended). So I guess I better introduce myself to everyone here.

My name is Nathan. I love gaming. Gaming like Video Games, Board Games and Tabletop RPG's. I typically like to talk about that stuff, but also tech. New phones and PC's (Windows & I am getting into Linux more). I work in IT.

I am trying to start a community over on and we play games and stuff. Feel free to follow us or join our discord here:

haha welp
my sis couldn't sart Valorant because it needs TPM + Secure Boot.

Made me check my config (CSM was not off), and for her I needed to convert the main disk from MBR to GPT and put CSM in auto (just to be sure).

Now it werks and we're all good

Et c'est donc revenu au moment de ce tweet, donc une panne d'environ 20-25 minutes d'un coup

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Plus d'Internet via fibre ou réseau mobile chez Swisscom.
La TV via IP et la téléphonie marche encore.

Correction: did two x10 for Neru.
Had to start the game again to check lol.

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Welp, haven't played Blue Archive in a while. But logging in now for the bunny suits and... Well that was painless, one x10 I'm each banner.

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Why am I starting to panic that my 15TB server is at 75% of usage.
I still have 3.5TB of storage left.

I should be fine for at least 6 months, or +1 year if I do some cleanup.

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Si vous codez en python et utilisez toujours les vieux scripts, requirements.txt et pip pour gérer vos dépendances, jetez un œil à poetry
Ça simplifie tellement la vie !

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Before joining Mastodon had you participated or were active on BBS (dial-up) or forums (vBulletin style) in the past?

Boosts are appreciated for better sample sizes.

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PSA for oldies on here. 

For anyone who blocked .Art 4-5 years ago, over the loli issues probably, they have since switched admins twice.

And their current admin, @welshpixie is a friend of mine, whom I trust dearly.

She's one of the people I was referring to when I wrote this post:

She's doing great work with creating a safe space from various different marginalized groups, and if you're doing that too you may want to reconnect with them. 🙏

I know two servers that have learnt about this recently and unblocked after I explained. So I figured they may be blocked by more because of this old thing.

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