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Oh putain cette fin

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Liberté, égalité, prix inchangés.


Avoir une notification que j'ai un colis qui arrive du Portugal.
Comme quoi je ne suit pas l'actualité, c'est a priori aussi une période électorale.

Merde quoi, je suis tombé malade hier et ça dure encore ce matin.
J'aurai bien voulu être déjà un minimum guéri car j'ai du boulot important à avancer. ><

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Bon, même avec 30 minutes de retard ça passe 🙃

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J'ai oublié mon sac au McDo avec mon carnet de vaccination, quel boulet.

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Hmm, I ran a dry restore from my backups and nothing happened to my files.
Oh welp.

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Apparently someone got into my Plex.
Thanks to the push notifications I cut everything the next minute lol

Oh god I'm slow.
"Those stamps... Is that a Splatoon reference? And the Mario Maker-like font..."

Looks again at the name of the group, "Ultra Marine Sisters".

Oh, right. I can use a secondary screen in my phone.
It’s terrible tho.

"In the Land of Leadale" EP01 

And she accepts that's she's OP lol.

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"In the Land of Leadale" EP01 

This isekai has a direct start and doesn't beat around the bush for long, that's cool.

after that harsh start, it went to better and actually is interesting
plz don't scare me like that

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terrible camera work and weird movements too
oh boy I'm might drop this fast

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and right after the OP who has nice shots... stock fire and exposition footage??

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