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but now, what distro?
My default has been Arch or Manjaro for a while but maybe I could use something that isn't rolling release for once

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I miss having a linux machine
Guess I'll backup my (now unused) laptop and put something on it

Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $68.7B, Phil Spencer to be CEO

Activision Blizzard employees will report to Phil Spencer as CEO

Le Mot (@WordleFR@birdsite) #8 3/6



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Wordle 212 5/6


I MADE A TYPO when I had the word. 🥲

Toradora went small where so much other anime might go big

Oh. I wasn't expecting a piece about Toradora, 13 years later.

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In a government report about options for digital collaboration platform technologies for the public sector, the Swedish government put Nextcloud GmbH front and center as the key solution in this space!

The report is now available in English version too!

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Bordel, depuis une semaine j'ai des drôles de problèmes de connexion...

Le Mot (@WordleFR@birdsite) #7 3/6


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Wordle 211 2/6



@kura still not as dangerous as me forgetting to remove my earphones before entering the shower

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