Sega app lets you play a real claw game in Japan remotely, win prizes #Shaarli

Witness the crane’s ultra-feeble grasp in real time, from your phone

Windows 7 extended security updates to cost German government around $887,000 #Shaarli

German newspaper Handelsblatt reports that the German Federal Ministry is looking to secure at least 33,000 machines still running Windows 7, which involves paying Microsoft a fee per device for a year of extended security protection.

Temtem, the Pokémon-inspired MMO, should be a full-fledged anime #Shaarli

Today, monster-collecting MMO Temtem is out in early access, and to celebrate, the developers have released footage of the anime intro that greets players at the start of the game. It’s fantastic.

Les municipales à Paris avec le collectif "No Hidalgo" - Le Billet de Charline #Shaarli

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019) by TGH in 1:17:08 - AGDQ2020 #Shaarli

Chrome wants to kill browser user agent strings, cites compatibility and privacy concerns #Shaarli

Google's new proposal is comprised of two parts. First, it wants to 'freeze' the user agent string, [...]
The second component is a replacement API, currently named 'User-Agent Client Hints.'

Internet : Google veut éliminer progressivement les cookies #Shaarli

Le géant du Web souhaite supprimer ces traceurs utilisés par des sites tiers pour permettre de cibler les publicités en fonction de la navigation des utilisateurs.

Conflits larvés chez Ankama, la pépite ch’timi du jeu vidéo #Shaarli

Derrière le succès du jeu « Dofus », de la série « Wakfu » et du manga « Radiant », des employés du fleuron roubaisien mettent en cause le comportement du fondateur et créatif en chef, Anthony Roux. Pour ce dernier, ces accusations sont le fait d’une poignée d’anciens salariés « malveillants ».

Bing loses out to DuckDuckGo in Google’s new Android search engine ballot #Shaarli

Google has announced the alternative search engines it will show to new Android users in the EU, with DuckDuckGo the most frequently offered choice and Bing tied for last place.

Firefox 72.0.1 fixes a security vulnerability that is actively exploited #Shaarli

Reported by Qihoo 360 ATA, the vulnerability affects the browser's Just in Time Compiler. Since it is exploited in the wild, Mozilla had to react quickly to release a patch.

Plex details upcoming features including subscription channels, rentals, and purchases #Shaarli

For 2020 and beyond, Plex is looking to add subscription channels, rentals, purchases, and deep links to content on other streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

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