Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard for $68.7B, Phil Spencer to be CEO

Activision Blizzard employees will report to Phil Spencer as CEO

Toradora went small where so much other anime might go big

Oh. I wasn't expecting a piece about Toradora, 13 years later.

Pop Team Epic Anime Gets 2nd Series in 2022

A teaser video starring Shōta Aoi debuted after Pop Team Epic Repeat (remix version) on Sunday and announced that a second anime series has been green-lit for next year.

La CNIL publie une nouvelle version de son guide RGPD pour les développeurs

Cette révision majeure du guide intègre des fiches inédites ainsi que des extraits de code pour illustrer de manière pratique certaines exigences du RGPD.

Les élèves vaudois transgenres ou non binaires seront mieux écoutés et accompagnés

La directive est principalement fondée sur l'autodétermination de l'élève. En d'autres termes, toute demande de sa part devra être prise en considération et accompagnée.

OnePlus is pulling its OxygenOS 12 update for the OP 9 and 9 Pro


"We are aware of the issues caused by the OxygenOS 12 update and our software team is fixing them."

Microsoft Teams is the reason some Android users can't dial 911

An odd error prevented a Pixel 3 user from calling 911 two weeks ago, and after an internal investigation at Google, we now know what happened.

L’éditeur Panini Manga annonce la hausse du prix de certaines de ses publications

Selon l’éditeur, cette hausse se justifie par la pénurie de papier et par l’augmentation des coûts d’impression. Un autre acteur du secteur, Pika Edition, a lui aussi annoncé l’augmentation du prix de certains mangas.

DNS-Resolver Quad9 Loses First Pirate Site Blocking Appeal in Germany

The non-profit Quad9 Foundation is disappointed with the outcome but isn't giving up the legal battle just yet, noting that various Internet services are at risk if the order isn't successfully challenged.

Two Pixels returned to Google for warranty service were used to hijack accounts, stealing 'nudes' and money

Microsoft is trying to get pirates to subscribe to a Microsoft 365 subscription with a 50% discount

The landing page educates the user about the risks involved in using pirated software, such as security threats, loss of data, the lack of support for updates, etc.

Gizmodo’s photos from the massive iPhone 4 leak have disappeared

And they’re not alone — vast quantities of pictures from G/O Media sites like The Onion, Jalopnik, and Deadspin (as well as Gizmodo) have been removed, reportedly intentionally, according to Gawker.

Proton wins appeal in Swiss court over surveillance laws

A Swiss court has upheld the appeal of Geneva-based Proton, a provider of secure and anonymous email services, limiting its obligation to monitor traffic and retain data for surveillance purposes.

Trump’s social network has 30 days to stop breaking the rules of its software license

Truth Social ripped off open-source platform Mastodon

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