The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke... Is Now Officially Broke

It took decades, but Chuck Feeney, the former billionaire cofounder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers has finally given all his money away to charity. He has nothing left now—and he couldn’t be happier.

Akira au cinéma - Kissui

La version VO sera à voir au Cosmopolis à Aigle le 9 octobre à 20h30.

La VF sera au Rex à Vevey le 30 octobre à 20h30.

Google is separating Chrome from Chrome OS — it's a big deal, here's what you need to know

Google could make Chromebooks last years longer with a huge change to Chrome OS

How to Copy a big Object or Array from console to clipboard

Have you ever found yourself trying to Ctrl-C a console.log() output, only to get mad when it doesn't really work with long Objects and Arrays?

Apple, Google, and Amazon respond to European tech taxes by raising prices

Developers, ad buyers, and third-party sellers are all affected

Genshin Impact - Bande-annonce scénario : « Nous serons enfin réunis »

L’application Notepad++ censurée en Chine

Le site du logiciel libre, très populaire chez les développeurs, a été bloqué par le pouvoir chinois à la suite de prises de position en faveur des Ouïgours.


ピノキオピー - シークレットひみつ / PinocchioP - Secret HIMITSU

Watch an indie puzzle game get built, tile by tile, in this fascinating Twitter thread

Real-time insight into how you build a game

MasterWiki is a terrible WikiHow-style rip-off of MasterClass

MSCHF imagines WikiHow written by celebrities

マフィア / wotaku feat. 初音ミク

Mafia - wotaku feat. Hatsune Miku

Honkai Impact 3rd「Diva of Disruptive World」Piano & Violin & Drum | Ru's Piano x Kathie x Drumstick

Google opts all users out of voice data collection, explains what it does with the data

Learn about what happens to your data before opting in again

ChinaJoy : le salon du jeu vidéo - STORIES - gTV

ChinaJoy est le plus gros salon du jeu vidéo en Chine.
5 ans après la levée de l'interdiction des consoles sur le territoire, l'événement est aujourd'hui un incontournable pour les gamers chinois !

Ce documentaire a été tourné lors de la ChinaJoy 2019 à Shanghai.

Giga × Mitchie M - ワーワーワールド feat. 初音ミク&鏡音リン(プロジェクトセカイ テーマ曲)

OnePlus is poisoning its phones with Facebook bloatware

Nord and OnePlus 8 series phones are saddled with Facebook services that can't be uninstalled

FBI catches alleged hackers behind the great Twitter hack of 2020

Could've gotten away with it if... wait, they ARE meddling kids

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