KIRA - Why Does a Heart Break? ft. Saki AI (Original Song)

Happy Birthday Kira~

YouTube’s new tool will warn creators if they’re using copyrighted content

Theoretically, Checks will help with demonetization issues

Google admits Kubernetes container tech is so complex, it's had to roll out an Autopilot feature to do it all for you

More expensive, less flexible, but easier and safer to use

Linux has made it to Mars

2021, the year of Linux... in Space at least

The Red Planet runs on Linux

Samsung is reportedly ditching Tizen for Android

Oh, I was thinking of trying a Tizen watch but that's not a good sign.

Everyone but Google wants to make an Android watch

Google ferme tous les studios de développement Stadia Games & Entertainment

(Ah bah après ce qu'on a entendu d'Amazon Game Studios...)

Un peu plus d'un an seulement après le lancement de Stadia, c'est déjà la fin des ambitions de Google en tant que plateforme dont le contenu prétendrait pouvoir rivaliser avec les consoles et le PC.

Meurtre de Samuel Paty : un membre de condamné pour incitation à la haine raciale

Le tribunal de Brest a condamné le jeune homme de 23 ans à cent quarante heures de TIG pour des propos tenus en octobre 2020 sur l’un des plus gros forums de France.

2020, in 7 minutes

Let’s close out 2020 by looking back at the moments that inspired us and changed us in a year unlike any other.

WorkBoy: Lost Game Boy Add-on FOUND After 28 Years - Game History Secrets

GitHub removes its annoying cookie banners

lol, nice solution:

“At GitHub, we want to protect developer privacy, and we find cookie banners quite irritating, so we decided to look for a solution,” explains GitHub CEO Nat Friedman. “After a brief search, we found one: just don’t use any non-essential cookies. Pretty simple, really.”

Twitch bans ‘simp’

“Incel” and “virgin” will be banned as insults, too, Twitch COO Sara Clemens said during a live-streamed town hall this afternoon.

"Freedom to Share" Launches EU Citizens' Initiative to Legalize File-Sharing

The group, which is backed by Wikimedia Italy as well as Pirate parties in several countries, plans to gather a million signatures at which point the EU is obliged to organize a public hearing to seriously consider the proposal.

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