POLL: Name the new server 

So I need to give a name to the upcoming server.
We've used Space Core and Rosetta so far.

I've picked 4 options:

  • IKAROS - A spacecraft launched in 2010 who had a fly by of Venus and uses solar sailing as a main propulsion. Also a waifu.
  • Juno - Launched in 2011, the spacecraft's mission is to investigate Jupiter and is still in operation and bringing new discoveries.
  • Lucy - Cute name, a spacecraft launched in October 2021 and currently on a 12 years journey to visit 8 asteroids.
  • Rosalind - This time it's a rover, Rosalind Franklin, which is named after the British DNA pioneer. Launch is expected in September this year and it should land on Mars in June 2023.
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