Hey #mastoadmin's if there was a tootctl command-line interface for your instance instead of the rake/rails tasks, which commands would you most want to see?

@Gargron auto update? (get latest tag, pre-compile assets, run migrations and restart)

@xefir @Gargron Heh, your script sure is smaller than mine (well, I am a bit more verbose too and have to manage some merges)

@kdy @Gargron Why do you have an elasticsearch service attached to this mastodon update script ? Oo


@xefir @Gargron You can use ES.

And since the precompile part uses a lot of ressources, I need to stop Elasticsearch to prevent the server from dying.

@kdy @Gargron Haha. I have too much RAM to spear, I'll test :3 (but that's still less than bare ruby I guess)

@kdy @xefir @Gargron Wow, ES consume way more RAM than I expected. So yeah, I understand why you do kill ES before the assets compilation x)

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