Trending hashtags legit had risks of abuse. But they're only a lens over toots that are already in the FTL, over which plenty of mod tools are available, and you could even make pre-screening necessary for trending. Instead the discussion became about how nobody really wants this feature and I'm just "pulling off wings from insects for fun".

I see some kinda discourse is still going and people are eager to misinterpret anything i say, but the feature got taken out before it got into any production release and could actually harm anyone.

And I'm frustrated because i think it could have done a lot of good too and there were ways to make it work that were not heard.

I've locked the discussion so nobody can comment on it anymore but here is where it all went down, if you want the original source:

@Gargron I read the thread. For me it's clear that in that thread you are the one being abused. I really don't care about the feature much, but your arguments seem far more rational than those of the other side. FWIW.

Especially since the ones against the feature were kinda more against you @Gargron than anything. Some of them seem to already have made their mind whatever could be told. Hell, some of them were already using a fork !

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