@pskosinski because "in practice usually nobody cares" might not be true in every area.

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@rysiek I don't know what is your specific use-case, but I have no idea why would you want to disable it.
Anyway, systemd seems to have some special case for syslog freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/

Do you mean that syslog.socket is still enabled in systemd or something else?

Around 5 years ago I started noting all my incomes and expenses in (skrooge.org/). Looking at charts it's generating is a bit disappointing, but it's still awesome to have any charts to look at.

@pskosinski Oh yes. Beginning with new keyboard layout is always painful. In my case after 2 weeks I started to type sometimes not looking at layout sheet. After next 2 weeks I started to feel that I know where most of the keys are. But it took more practice to type really fluently.

Also, this is fun way to learn: play.typeracer.com/

@pskosinski Do Polskiego to nie wiem. Piszę w qwerty, bo nie mam wystarczająco motywacji, żeby cokolwiek zmieniać.
Natomiast do programowania, to "dvorak programisty" (kaufmann.no/roland/dvorak/), ale bez zmieniania numpada.
`setxkbmap -layout us -variant dvp -option kpdl:semi -option lv3:ralt_switch -option caps:backspace -option numpad:microsoft`

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So this article about biology and psychology of bad decisions is very relevant to #infosec:

I mean, we all know how phishing tries to create pressure ("somebody knows your password!") and then relies on people clicking stuff and not recognizing their mistake. Turns out, there are biological reasons for this.

Crucial take-away: we're all susceptible.

@Mayana Keybase is a solution to one of GPG's problems. You and I live in different parts of the world, so we can't meet to verify our keys. The glorious Web of Trust is not doing it's job (that's a topic for a different discussion). But if I put messages signed by my key on github, reddit, twitter, my website, DNS record, etc. you can have much higher confidence, that the PGP key is really mine. Keybase provides tools to generate such messages, find and verify them.

@pskosinski "an Atom feed every entry is supposed to refer to different URL, right?" I don't think so. Where did you get that from?

@pskosinski I have the same feelings about CoCs.
If I ever had to make one, it would be this:

Don't be a dick.

@pskosinski @tromino Some long time ago I learned colemak after one friend recommendet it to me. It was fun, but I was still frustrated with typing number 6 or keys around square brackets. Later I've witnessed someone else using Kinesis Advantage keyboard. So now I'm using this keyboard with "programmers dvorak" layout. Best typing experience ever.

How I learned new layouts: print the layout on a sheet of paper and hang it next to your monitor. Don't look at the keyboard.

@mntmn Maybe just put all keys in straight vertical lines, making it more like typematrix or kinesis advantage keyboards?
It's much easier to type on them (personal experience) and you'll have no problem of wasted space around left shift.

@pskosinski I went through with Gunzerker (Salvador). It's quite easy: gunzerking gives you health, ammo and faster firing. I also found that using sniper rifles and pistols gives good precision on long distances. Gunzerking with sniper rifles is devastating!

Is doing campaign again worthwhile? IDK. I haven't finished all my DLC's yet.

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