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@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:

I'm both pleased and annoyed by
It's for checking if NIP (tax id number) and NRB (bank account number) are registered.

Annoyed: yesterday it was giving me http 500 error.
Pleased: you can download a "flat file". A 7z packed json, that contains a list of `sha512(current date || NIP || NRB)`. I could use it with and some basic commands.
- There's some weird shit going on with NRB masking.
- sha512 is not secure enough, so you must put it through 5000 rounds.

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etam@laptop:/home$ cd ..
cd: Permission denied: stay at home

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re: covid-19, pandemic 

@rysiek No problem. It can connect to any host. You just need IP address, TCP 31416 port, remote rpc enabled with `--allow_remote_gui_rpc` and password from `gui_rpc_auth.cfg` file (generated automatically). Of course forwarding ports with SSH works as well.

@rysiek What? It was super easy with boinc-manager GUI ( You just add a project from a list.

@rysiek I have no experience with Salt, but have some with Ansible.

Ansible feels almost like shell scripting, with very high level commands like "make sure this file contains this text" and triggers that allow for example restarting services only when config was changed.

As someone else mentioned, mixing ninja2 with yaml is tricky, but in my experience manageable.

The only real issue I had, was when I tried to set up 2 instances of the same service on a single host. Ansible can't do that.

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So recently with coronavirus spreading and SETI@Home announcing it's ending, Folding@Home started to get some attention.

It offers only packages for Ubuntu and Fedora and it's a bit PITA to install on anything else.

I wanted to give a shout-out about very similar project: Rosetta@home.

The main difference is that it runs on BOINC platform. It's very likely that you already have it in your distro repository. It's also possible to run together with other projects

@pk Yes! One of few things I supported on kickstarter. This one delivered great game.

@michal You can run anything that is accessible through TCP (this includes HTTP) as onion service.
You can also use I2P instead of TOR as well.

Możesz w swojej instancji w pole wyszukiwania wkleić link do wpisu z innej i powinno ci znaleźć.

@gamingonlinux Gman really wanted to get his message spread out ;)

I made dis:

It's a timelapse video made with with picam.

Images taken with

raspistill -t 0 -tl 10000 -w 1437 -h 1080 -th none --nopreview -o image%04d.jpg

merged to a video on my laptop with

gst-launch-1.0 multifilesrc location="images/image%04d.jpg" index=0 caps="image/jpeg,framerate=\(fraction\)60/1" ! jpegdec ! videoconvert ! vp9enc threads=4 ! webmmux ! filesink location="images.webm"

"These Versus Numbers Reveal A Shocking Surprise About Linux Desktop Environments"
TLDR: Xfce doesn't require less RAM than KDE.

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