@madargon @vifon I still remember it as "Linux w Bramie".
Good old times...

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Legal review in #openSUSE is a slow process (euphemism...) but sometimes you find interesting things.

Did you know that the #Qt base module ships code that can only be distributed in its original zip file (code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/ QTBUG-81503) or that #CSound releases contain code that cannot be distributed (github.com/csound/csound/issue) ?

"Ten film jest już niedostępny z powodu roszczenia dotyczącego praw autorskich zgłoszonego przez użytkownika Telewizja Polska S.A."

@richard @efftoyz I confirm that syncing calendar with nextcloud server using f-droid.org/packages/at.bitfir works great. I haven't tried syncing contacts though.

@vifon @madargon Yes. I just checked. It looks like it makes no special cases for computers and smartphones. Just some plugins (every feature like sharing clipboard or reporting battery status is a plugin) might be unavailable on some devices.

@vifon lsp-mode. When I was looking for differences between them I usually found that whatever the problem with lsp-mode there were, are now resolved. Also lsp-mode has more momentum. I decided to try lsp-mode, see how it goes and if there were problems, fall back to eglot. So far I had no problems.

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I mentioned once my one workmate... And today he tried to find "his great way to fix things" again...
Fortunately only TRIED and it didn't finish like this.

#linux #lvm #sysadmin #backup #meme

@vifon Dunno yet. Probably not OOM, because it would first freeze my system, trying to swap things out.

@vifon I just tried replacing rtags with lsp and clangd, but clangd is crashing on my bigger project.

@vifon I've set up lsp-mode with rust-analyzer backend.
So far so good, apart from a little hiccup, because I'm using melpa-stable: github.com/emacs-lsp/lsp-mode/

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@vifon I haven't tried any of those, but I think I will. I used Racer, but it disappeared from openSUSE repo, because it requires Rust nightly now.

@vifon Good thing I started my config from scratch.
I can't write any lisp code by myself, but at least I copy-pasted some good stuff gitlab.com/etam/dotfiles/-/blo

@carlchenet I voted for emacs, which I use for bigger projects. But when I just need to edit a single file somewhere, then I use mcedit.

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