@tadzik No. I bought it from distributor in Czechia and paid in euro.

Did I buy WRT1200AC some time ago hoping for a good router with support? Yes.

Was I frustrated by problems caused by unstable wi-fi driver? Yes :(

Did I just buy the Omnia router (turris.cz/en/omnia/)? Yes.

Is it a bit expensive? Yes :/

Does it have Atheros wi-fi chips, that have the best Linux drivers? Yes!

Does it come with OpenWrt based firmware preinstalled? F*ck YES!!! :D

@madargon I'm using openSUSE Tumbleweed and I run upgrades on weekends. I see no issue with that.

@wolf480pl @rysiek I briefly worked in a company, where I was in a team developing deployment scritpts (yes, in Ansible). A full test suite was creating 9 virtual machines (3 layers of 3 machines clusters) setting things up and then performing a live upgrade. It might sound awesome that we had it fully automated, but it was taking 3 hours to complete and it was failing a lot! I didn't work there very long. It was too frustrating.

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A compilation of common mistakes made by bash users. Each example is flawed in some way.


#Linux #bash

@rysiek Another option: I've seen that you use wallbag. I have no experience with it, but on their website it says it's "Compatible with your RSS reader. wallabag is supported by many feed aggregators (or RSS readers)."

@rysiek And what features of "bookmark manager" are required?
If you need to just post links, you can even use a mastodon instance and post links as toots.
You can read toots from an rss: mastodon.social/@rysiek.rss

Question is: does it meet your requirements of a bookmark manager?

@madargon When I was on on Thasos island in Greece we rented cars to go for a trip on the interior. The salesman told us to be ware of Maps, because at one place it's misdirecting everyone. I used app and it was super accurate. Even on the roads that required 4 wheel drive (we were prepared for this). When returning cars I recommended OsmAnd to the salesman and he seemed quite interested.

@maltimore @rysiek Is it bad?
I think it only means that there's required knowledge to understand it. I bet you would get the same feeling reading something about biochemistry or particle physics.

@madargon B..But that about the great Flying Spaghetti Monster?
// sad noodle noises

Also, for something opposite of logic, check out Discordianism.

/me laughs in smartcard

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. Also, good to know it's fixed.

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@mntmn @hrodnand @CollaboraOffice
If it's a text document, it's rendered on server and provided to client as images. But the UI is done on client side.
I like Collabora Office, because it reuses LibreOffice code, instead of reinventing the wheel.

"Trump, QAnon and The Return of Magic" by Kirby Ferguson
Nice summary about *why* conspiracy theories are rising so fast recently.

1) I'm not the author of the linked article. I just found it interesting enough to share.
2) I have no access to gpt-3 nor interested much in using it.
3) From what I have read about gpt-3 it was trained on a very large amount of text from internet. So it's not actively searching for results, but rather it's responding based on somehow processed data. It responds to questions by guessing what is most probable text to follow given input.

@joebrig No! That's the point that you don't have to. If you haven't noticed you and I are on different servers talking to each other. You can do the same with other services compatible with ActivityPub protocol.

@joebrig You don't connect your profile. Federation means that you can use your Mastodon account to interact with people using other services on other servers.
For example this is "Big Buck Bunny" on blender peertube: video.blender.org/videos/watch You can paste this link in your mastodon search box and post comments to it.

> Also, is there a good way to run these platforms in a linux program on desktop vs browser?

I'm not using any.

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