1. Start emacs server.
2. From other machines login over ssh and attach using `emacsclient -c`.
3. You can visit the same buffer from each endpoint. Each will have an independent cursor and will see changes made by others in real time.

@pskosinski My wife uses Windows and I can tell you "everything works there" is BS. You're just under an impression that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

> *\*Expert Root Mode**
> ★ UNIVERSAL MODE: Orbot can be configured to transparently proxy all of your Internet traffic through Tor. You can also choose which specific apps you want to use through Tor.

Works great for me.

@pskosinski Correction: If it's running or not is in the "Active:" line, obviously.

@pskosinski `systemctl status` shows what's running. `systemctl status name` shows details. If it's running or not is in the "Loaded:" line. If it's supposed to be started at boot it's "enabled" in "Loaded:" line.
GUI: Never used one. But apparently openSUSE has a YaST module for that.

@rysiek It works. Although it took a while for ServiceWorker to start for the first time. Much longer that I normally keep a website open.

@victorhck You're not alone. It has been discussed on mailing lists and forums. Here are relevant bug reports: bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug and bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4

@rysiek github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs- says:
"Your IPFS node is exposed as window.ipfs on every webpage. Websites can detect if window.ipfs exists and opt-in to use it instead of creating their own js-ipfs node."
See also github.com/ipfs-shipyard/ipfs-

@rysiek After blocking cdn.test.occrp.org I got both YES. Still I don't know how to check if my IPFS node was used or not.

5. I have IPFS Companion configured to expose IPFS API through window.ipfs object. It might be that it was used by js-ipfs.

4. But it shows "Gun and IPFS used? NO"

@rysiek My turn:
1) I have no idea what it is supposed to do.
2) Firefox 69 on Linux
3) I get yes at ServiceWorker, but it takes a while to show up.
4) I got favicon.
5) I have IPFS companion installed and configured to use IPFS node running on another machine. I don't know if it was used, though.

@pskosinski Is there a keyboard on F-Droid that supports that?


They’ll frequently refer to the book of Leviticus, claiming it says that “homosexuality” an abomination [...] and ignore the surrounding verses [...], most of which they declare irrelevant to their present lives. It’s becomes a highly selective use of the text.

Just because someone is cherry-picking, doesn't mean they're wrong about it. Maybe homosexuality is a sin just like all other things mentioned in that book. What he did is red herring, not addressing the point

@rysiek I had the same in polish bank mbank. I had no idea, because it was also truncating when logging in. I learned when installed phone application that was not truncating.

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