@etam it doesn't seem to work by default on #tumbleweed. I get "No boot loader entry suitable as default, refusing to guess."

@lebel It works on 2 of my machines with TW, but I got the same error on one running Leap 15.1. So yeah, it seems there are some bugs here to squash.

@lebel Turns out my error message was not the same. I had "Unable to get default section of bootloader configuration". I found that command `grub2-editenv list` returns `saved_entry=openSUSE Leap 15.1` with a space at the end. I used `grub2-editenv - set "saved_entry=openSUSE Leap 15.1"` and it works now.

@etam the wierd thing is that I have to do manually a systemctl start kexec-load, THEN, it'll pick up the kernel and "reboot" with systemctl kexec.

@lebel Do you? kexec-load.service has


So if you enable this service, it should be automatically started when doing `systemctl kexec`.

@etam I did enable kexec-load. Did you also enable kexec.target?


@lebel No. A target in systemd is something like a runlevel in sysV. There are some like "multi-user" (former level 3), "graphical" (level 5), "poweroff" (level 0), or reboot (level 6). Now kexec is as new target and "systemctl kexec" is a shortcut that switches to it (in systemd terminology it's called "isolating" a target).
If kexec-load.service is enabled for kexec.target, then it will be started when isolating the target.

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@etam Hmm. As I said, after a boot, kexec-load doesn't seemed to be load, and I can't kexec, and I was able to successfully do a kexec-load and if I were to do a kexec, it'd work.

@lebel Oops. My bad. Indeed that's what happening. Looks like "systemctl kexec" is checking if there's a new kernel loaded before doing anything.
On the other hand, I just checked, that if you replace reboot.target with kexec.target (second link in my first post), then while rebooting with normal "reboot", it's loading kernel with kexec-load.service and doing kexec.

@etam Indeed! It does work with reboot. With kexec I still doesn't work complaining with

β€œNo boot loader entry suitable as default, refusing to guess.”

But with reboot it does the whole thing correctly and reboot the laptop. It'll be handy when I want to reboot my laptop while I'm at work (I usually leave it on all the time).

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