Do I need to take KDE for a spin again? It's been several years. If so, distro? I'm pretty familiar with the *buntu based stuff so I'd probably lean that way unless there was a good reason to try something else...

@kellerjustin @etam I am pretty happy with Kubuntu, Akonadi bullcrap notwithstanding.

I don't think akonadi was a thing last time I messed with it. I just remember the UI was nice & I loved amarok but all the klever naming konventions were a bit gimmikkkkky

@kellerjustin @etam depending on when you played with it, you might find Amarok to have become unusable. Clementine uses the old Amarok gui, and I love it.

@kellerjustin @rysiek
> Do I need to take KDE for a spin again?
> If so, distro?
Probably the one you're familiar with.

I'm a longtime openSUSE user. I like it more than Ubuntu, because it gives you more tools if you like to tinker with your system. And you're not lost without tools on a headless system.

I switched to KDE when GNOME 3 appeared. But now I'm using i3wm just with KDE apps for convenience.

I thought I would be happy when Ubuntu made the move away from unity to gnome but I really miss the global menu & there's no stable tweak for it yet. I was trying to bend gnome to my will & ran across a YouTube vid making the case that it's easier to make kde like unity than gnome, which I thought was interesting & a bit surprising

@kellerjustin @etam not that surprising. GNOME people have this idea that users cannot be trusted with configuration options, so I find GNOME severely limiting. KDE goes exactly the other way, you can tweak stuff till your fingers bleed. So, it does not surprise me that it's easier to get KDE to be more like $ANYTHING_REALLY. ;)

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