My current laptop is about to turn 7 years old and I'm starting to think about buying a new one.

So I'm very seriously thinking about getting one from , because of their support for , , hardware kill switches, and all the cool stuff. They even have free shiping now.

But on the other hand all their laptops have cpu. Sure, it comes with ME disabled, but still, I want to vote with my wallet for something else.

One option is to wait for something with Ryzen cpu. But purism has no official plans of creating a laptop with it right now, so it's hard to tell how long would I need to wait.

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The other option is to get an ARM laptop. There are not many options there and all have some drawbacks: are very restricted and closed platforms (correct me if I'm wrong). has Allwinner cpu, only 2GB of ram and Mali gpu, which has no open drivers. The same goes with . would be perfect if was available as a ready to use device, not Build It From Scratch, where you need to buy your own LCD panel and stuff.

So, what are your opinions?

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After some thinking, this is what I decided to do: wait for something new and fancy. If my laptop dies quicker, just get the intel based laptop from purism.

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So I got myself Librem 15, because there was a discount. Meanwhile this popped up: by @mntmn . It fulfills all requirements and avoids problems I mentioned in earlier toots. Unfortunately, after buying Librem, I'm a little low on funds and have enough laptops. Anyway I'll keep an eye on MNT Reform, it looks great!

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