Did I buy WRT1200AC some time ago hoping for a good router with support? Yes.

Was I frustrated by problems caused by unstable wi-fi driver? Yes :(

Did I just buy the Omnia router (turris.cz/en/omnia/)? Yes.

Is it a bit expensive? Yes :/

Does it have Atheros wi-fi chips, that have the best Linux drivers? Yes!

Does it come with OpenWrt based firmware preinstalled? F*ck YES!!! :D

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A compilation of common mistakes made by bash users. Each example is flawed in some way.


#Linux #bash

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"Trump, QAnon and The Return of Magic" by Kirby Ferguson
Nice summary about *why* conspiracy theories are rising so fast recently.

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Legal review in #openSUSE is a slow process (euphemism...) but sometimes you find interesting things.

Did you know that the #Qt base module ships code that can only be distributed in its original zip file (code.qt.io/cgit/qt/qtbase.git/ QTBUG-81503) or that #CSound releases contain code that cannot be distributed (github.com/csound/csound/issue) ?

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I mentioned once my one workmate... And today he tried to find "his great way to fix things" again...
Fortunately only TRIED and it didn't finish like this.

#linux #lvm #sysadmin #backup #meme

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#KDETip: Sync input to Konsole terminal panes:

1. Open terminal panes with [Ctrl] + [(] and/or [Ctrl] + [)]
2. Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [.]
3. Sync and share commands across panes
4. Stop sync with [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [/]💡

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euromomo.eu/ just launched a new website.

My relative started to get into notion that COVID-19 is nothing more than a typical flu and that the panic is caused by measuring a thing, that wasn't measured so well before. So I started to look for data on mortality that is independent from death cause.
EUROMOMO has a delay of 3 weeks in getting full data, but it already shows a big unusual spike compared to previous years.

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covid-19, scientific paper from 2007 


Scientific paper from 2007 that says:

"The presence of a large reservoir of SARS-CoV-like viruses in horseshoe bats, together with the culture of eating exotic mammals in southern China, is a time bomb."

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@gnome and KDE deepen their commitment to work together and unveil KNOME, a new desktop that brings users the best of both worlds:


I'm both pleased and annoyed by podatki.gov.pl/wykaz-podatniko
It's for checking if NIP (tax id number) and NRB (bank account number) are registered.

Annoyed: yesterday it was giving me http 500 error.
Pleased: you can download a "flat file". A 7z packed json, that contains a list of `sha512(current date || NIP || NRB)`. I could use it with and some basic commands.
- There's some weird shit going on with NRB masking.
- sha512 is not secure enough, so you must put it through 5000 rounds.

etam@laptop:/home$ cd ..
cd: Permission denied: stay at home

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