So is retiring it's first phone a.k.a. Jolla1 ( I'm still using it and also have a second spare one. I'm willing to donate it to someone who wants to help with porting for it. @postmarketOS

Say hello to new version of my home website:

Featuring multiple pages generated with Pelican.

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If you wish to control your online identity and consider #keybase, please have a look at instead :)

- fully #opensource
- #decentralized and #privacy focuse
- no vendor lock-in
- no #zoom takeover \o/

#pgp #gpg #encryption

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Mobilizon. Your events. Your groups. Your data.

Go behind the scenes of the design of #Mobilizon, our new tool to free your groups and events from Facebook.

(illus CC-By @davidrevoy)

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This is it. This is the layman-friendly list of responses to "what do I care that I'm being spied on by some company?" We need more of these.

Did I buy WRT1200AC some time ago hoping for a good router with support? Yes.

Was I frustrated by problems caused by unstable wi-fi driver? Yes :(

Did I just buy the Omnia router ( Yes.

Is it a bit expensive? Yes :/

Does it have Atheros wi-fi chips, that have the best Linux drivers? Yes!

Does it come with OpenWrt based firmware preinstalled? F*ck YES!!! :D

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A compilation of common mistakes made by bash users. Each example is flawed in some way.

#Linux #bash

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"Trump, QAnon and The Return of Magic" by Kirby Ferguson
Nice summary about *why* conspiracy theories are rising so fast recently.

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Legal review in #openSUSE is a slow process (euphemism...) but sometimes you find interesting things.

Did you know that the #Qt base module ships code that can only be distributed in its original zip file ( QTBUG-81503) or that #CSound releases contain code that cannot be distributed ( ?

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I mentioned once my one workmate... And today he tried to find "his great way to fix things" again...
Fortunately only TRIED and it didn't finish like this.

#linux #lvm #sysadmin #backup #meme

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#KDETip: Sync input to Konsole terminal panes:

1. Open terminal panes with [Ctrl] + [(] and/or [Ctrl] + [)]
2. Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [.]
3. Sync and share commands across panes
4. Stop sync with [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [/]💡

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