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The Spritely Project aims to create a next generation of Fediverse networks and services. You can follow at:

➡️ @spritelyproject

The official site is at

Spritely is run by Chris Lemmer Webber, one of the authors of the ActivityPub standard that the current Fediverse runs on. You can follow at:

➡️ @cwebber

#Spritely #Fediverse #ActivityPub #Federation #Software #Dev #Development #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #SocialNetworks #SocialMedia #SelfHosting

Why I love :

I have a gluster daemon, mounted glusterfs volume at /mnt/gv0 and nginx that requires files, that are on this volume. At system startup those steps must be executed in correct order:
- start glusterd
- mount /mnt/gv0
- start nginx

With systemd, mountpoints are units, just like other services, so I can specify dependencies between all of them. See `man systemd.mount`

I got a Logitech G27 steering wheel. Under Linux no configuration or installation of any drivers was required. Just Plug-and-Play!

I tried playing DRAG ( with it. At first the game was showing that an ugly assertion error problem in libSDL. The solution was to delete bundled libSDL and let it use the system one. Drifting with force feedback on the wheel is absolutely fantastic!

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Happy Europe Day!

> Europe Day is a day celebrating "peace and unity in Europe" celebrated on 5 May by the Council of Europe and on 9 May by the European Union.

They can't even agree on that one thing. We're doomed.

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So excited to announce Keyoxide version 3.0.0 🎉

This update was worth the wait, with a (much needed 😎) redesign that is cleaner and more consistent that before.

Now also featuring server-side rendering! So not only pretty darn fast, but also parseable by Mastodon! Keyoxide links in Mastodon bio with a ✅ for everyone 🤩

Thank all for your support. Here's to taking our online identity back from Big Tech!

#keyoxide #openpgp #pgp #gpg #identity

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We (Sequoia PGP) did a thing. We released the Octopus. The Octopus is an alternate OpenPGP backend for Thunderbird, which includes GnuPG integration, certificate updates in the background, security fixes, additional protections, and more. Check it and let me know what you think!

11 years ago I packaged levelhead ( for (
In the mean time some dependencies have changed introducing some bugs and incompatibilities. I resolved those, so it's now running great again!

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Some output from training a Markov bot on a combination of Soulsborne text and Linux kernel documentation:

"Fear the old driver" - wise words indeed.

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#Lagrange is now available on Flathub.

Flatpak apps are sandboxed so it stores user files in a different place than a regular build. Otherwise works pretty much the same.

#Gemini #Linux

I love LVM on ! I'm converting my server from "LVM on mdadm" into bare LVM without shutting down nor even stopping any services.

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Let's try this : briar://acpjyjigwigdgg4f6dm6hs7ugbful6aikovtwzfk34w7b6lp7b4us

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