Jak myślicie, czy te wymagania jest w stanie spełnić jedna osoba? Czy to powinno być rozbite na kilka stanowisk?


Ja jako
- były mieszkaniec Mokotowa
- obecnie mieszkający pod Warszawą, w miejscowości przy linii kolejowej na Wołomin
- posiadający rodzinę na Wawrze

stwierdzam, że bardzo mi się ten projekt podoba: ruchymiejskie.waw.pl/nasz-prog

Chyba nawet bardziej, niż pomysły na nowe linie średnicowe transport-publiczny.pl/wiadomo

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This is so cool: The German government is sponsoring a game to teach people git! ohmygit.org/

Maybe I can finally learn to use this magical thing now, and not just add issues trough web interfaces… :)

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In this image: 3 different types of devices all running some form of #KDE #Plasma and some form of #AlpineLinux:

- the laptop, a #System76 machine, running Alpine Linux with the latest Plasma Desktop
- the TV, a #rockpro64 from #Pine64, running #postmarketOS with #PlasmaBigscreen
- the smartphone, a #Librem5, running #postmarketOS with #plasmamobile

Can't wait for my smartwatch next! 😜

Today in InterCity train:
- A screen shows map with train current location. The map is
- Free wifi is available. After connecting I entered the gateway address in my browser and showed up

But there's also a sad part of this story:
- The map was constantly showing a position somewhere around trains depot.
- The train was delayed 30 minutes, because it was waiting for another delayed train. While sitting at the station wifi was losing internet access for no apparent reason. I switched to my own mobile internet.

I like making time-lapses. For example I found this view: public.nrao.edu/vla-webcam/

while :; do
wget public.nrao.edu/wp-content/upl -O "$(printf "%05d.jpg" $i).jpg"
sleep 60

let it run for a while

exec gst-launch-1.0 multifilesrc location="%05d.jpg" caps="image/jpeg,framerate=30/1" ! decodebin ! autovideosink

exec gst-launch-1.0 multifilesrc location="%05d.jpg" caps="image/jpeg,framerate=30/1" ! decodebin ! encodebin profile=yt ! filesink location=vla_timelapse.mp4

result: etam.homelinux.com/s/daJkyPpps (attached file has lower quality)

Update about battery time: it said it would last 12 hours, but after 6 it's already dead :(

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I'm back to using .

There are some hiccups, like dialog to set keyring password at first time just stopped responding and as a modal dialog locked my screen (I had to reboot).

Initially I couldn't get nextcloud synchronization working. There were no error messages, but it didn't work either. Only after I tried to setup raw CalDav via Evolution, I got an error message, which led me to finding error in my nextcloud's nginx config. With that resolved, synchronization works fine.
(For those curious: the error message in Evolution was "No 'Authorization: Basic' header found" and solution was to uncomment in nginx "fastcgi_param HTTPS on;")

Waydroid has some serious issue, preventing it from running: github.com/waydroid/waydroid/i

Apart from that it works quite well. The battery life seems quite decent (although it's my first day of trying to use it "normally", not using it constantly for testing or tweaking stuff). The UI runs smoothly. I did my first phone call and it worked correctly.


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Update about my usage: I'm abandoning for now.

Under Plasma Mobile:
1) I couldn't get contacts and caledar synchronization with nextcloud working. It did initial sync just after configuring it, but then it wasn't syncing anymore. And there is no way to get if there are any errors, or to force sync. Even from shell. At least I couldn't find it (I found sinksh, which is almost unusable by new users).
2) My GSM modem doesn't get recognized. Currently Plasma Mobile uses ofono for managing modem and it just says "no modems found". There is also a work in progress for migrating to ModemManager, but it's still few releases away.
3) the UI animations are slow
4) the battery drains fast

Sxmo needs a lot of work for librem5. I installed fresh "edge" image with version 1.6.0. After locking screen, there is no way to unlock it. Even from shell via ssh, which is supposed to be "first class citizen".


AI generated images. Some of them are actually interesting and intriguing.


Mam "Termowentylator" (grzejnik typu "farelka") firmy MPM. Spaliła się w nim grzałka. Nie mogę go rozkręcić, bo potrzebny jest do tego śrubokręt pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torx . W praktyce, sprzęt jest do wyrzucenia.

Mam toster firmy Tefal. Spaliła się w nim grzałka. Rozkręciłem go zwykłym śrubokrętem krzyżowym (i nie musiałem wyłamywać żadnych plastikowych zatrzasków). Na north.pl kupiłem nowe grzałki.

Wniosek: kupując sprzęty AGD patrz jakie ma śrubki.

I tried on for a while. I like the idea behind it very much. Turning everything into scriptable events opens endless possibilities.

- It was developed primarily for PinePhone. It's visible that work for abstracting it for other devices has started (like /usr/bin/sxmo_deviceprofile_librem5r4purism.sh), but there are still places where for example paths to leds are hard-coded.
- Screen-locking works weird. By default it disables menus and screen gestures, but screen is still visible and I can interact with apps. Turning screen off is a separate option.
- Screen gestures and button combos are non-configurable (for me the idea of putting configuration in source code makes it suck-more not suck-less)
- Likewise "Scripts menu" is not editable. I'm not using reddit, so I don't want to have a menu for it.
- "Application-specific context menus" doesn't work. I always get "Scripts menu".

I'm looking forward for port to wayland (I know it's in progress).

After years of delays I received my 5 phone.
Let's have some fun! I'll start by flashing with plasma mobile.

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reposting this old meme because I've been mad about it lately

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Dobry tekst:

W Polsce pod wieloma względami żyje się lepiej niż w USA. Mamy lepsze szkoły, komunikację publiczną, skuteczniejszą opiekę zdrowotną, radykalnie niższą przestępczość i odsetek bezdomnych. Najbardziej jednak zaskakuje, że więcej Polaków niż Amerykanów ma oszczędności.

W sumie nic bardzo zaskakującego, ale dobrze mieć twarde dane i wyliczenia na podorędziu następnym razem gdy jakiś libertariański geniusz zacznie że łololo amerykę trzeba w Polsce robić.

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