Decided to print my latest Moon photograph on paper. I guess this is what Korolev felt in October 1959

So is blocked by my isp, but it is available on my schools wifi? weird.

The Moon last night.

Telescope: 130/650 Newton
Camera: My phone :p
Phase: ~97%
Frames: 1800
Software: PiPP, AS!, RegiStax, GIMP

I've waited for this so long, and now i'm unable to watch it. Well, good luck to the SLS team anyways!

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It is T-1h until the first launch of SLS on Artemis-1. Go watch the stream live if you have time, this is some historical shit.

Super disappointing gamescom. Probably the worst ever.

Went out and cycled for the first time in many years. Turned out even better than i expected

Crew Access Arm is retracted, and SLS continues rolling out to pad 39B!

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Hold, now targeting no earlier then 22:00 EDT due to weather conditions

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Unfortunately, this one's happening at night and we won't get any cool shots of the rocket

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Finally the time has come for the rollout of the SLS rocket, prior to the launch of Artemis-1 scheduled NET 29th august.

Super excited to see this after so many years of preparations

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