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I honestly did not expect to get it this quickly.

Wordle (ES) #8 4/6


Wordle 209 4/6


Wordle 207 5/6


I had a regional disadvantage here. 😅

Believe it!

Wordle 202 3/6


Wordle 200 4/6


I have surrendered to the trend.

Wordle 199 4/6


The value of a good teacher is as much in what they don’t teach you as in what they do. A good designer, in what they remove as much as in what they add. A good developer, in the code they don’t write… a good friend, in what they don’t say or do… When evaluating what good is, the absence of certain things can be just as important, if not more so, than the presence of certain other things.

Harry wished he had some Felix Felicis left, but he was out of luck.

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The Bloody Baron emerged from the wall, and Peeves turned white as a ghost.

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Sirius trusted Peter with the Potters’ location, but Peter turned out to be a rat.

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It was in the sixth year that Hermione knew Ron was a Keeper.

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The Firebolt was easily the fastest broomstick of its time.

It wiped the floor with the Nimbus 2000.

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Harry may have been a good Seeker at school, but he never played for England.

International Quidditch is a whole different ball game.

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It’s a bright Monday morning, and I’m in the mood for Harry Potter puns. 🧵

Dear developers, especially those working on free and open software: every new release is an opportunity to have someone discover your tool.

Make sure you explain what your tool is when announcing a new release and have links to where people can learn more about it.

#foss #dev

Looks like I'm now almost a cybercriminal according to Apple

python is notorious for its reference counting

that's where it makes lots of references to old comedy sketches, then counts down until you indicate you understood the reference

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