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This game is super fun to play with your team/friends/family. Couldn’t stop laughing.

Regardless of your class, caste, age or financial situation, the band baja in your wedding will, without exception, be consistently terrible musicians (if you can call them that).

The Gujarati version is “ghee ma ladoo cholya” which is far more realistic. And yummy.

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Someone please explain to me what’s the point of saying “pudhchya varshi laukar ya” / “agle baras tu jaldi aa”.

Just because it rhymes? It’s not like Ganpati Bappa can just decide to change his birthday.

Git Lens is a huge time-saver for large teams.

If you stand exactly on the South Pole, any direction you start walking in is North. :amaze:

If you’re wondering how it is implemented, it uses an algorithm called PBKDF2, a pure cryptographic function.

It is inspired by

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If you need your passwords on another OS, say on your phone, then you can visit, a web app that will also give you the same password based on the same inputs.

It is not connected to the desktop app, but still works because both use the same algorithm.

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What does it do? It is a password “manager”, but one that does not store your passwords anywhere.

Instead, it takes two inputs and derives a password _based on_ them. You provide the same inputs again, you get the same password. Always.

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My second OS app, Obliviate, is now live on AppCenter.

And if you are on another distro, you can always download the Flatpak.

Periodic reminder to allow people to use the web during programming interviews. You’re looking for a Rancho, not a Chatur.

JavaScript devs, how do you name a Promise object?

- My intuition was `doThing`, but that sounds like a function.
- `thing` sounds like it’s already resolved.
- `doThingPromise` or `doThingP` sound too Hungarian, which I prefer to avoid.

Pro tip: If you are working on multiple OS app repos, do this:

alias fpb="flatpak-builder build com.github.*.yml --user --force-clean --install"

One command to build them all. ⚡️

Toglar Morghulis.

All feature toggles must die.

From one perspective, charlist just sounds like someone who studies people named Charlie.

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I want to say the former, but my brain cannot let go of the latter.

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How do you pronounce “char”?

As in “character” or as in “Charmander”?

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