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Okay, hear me out: Garmi is actually a song about climate change, and Nora Fatehi’s hook step is a symbolic gesture as to how we are fucking the planet.

It blows my mind that tech is one of the most well-paying industry *and* has a low technical barrier to entry. #moa

Do you have those moments when you’re learning something and your brain has epiphanies about something completely different?

I’m trying out Elixir for fun, and I realized how JS destructuring makes perfect sense, and that JSX is just a sophisticated macro. 🤯

Badger is available on OS 6 Odin at launch, with dark style support! 🦡

Go get it on AppCenter:

I hope its medication doesn't have have any side effects.

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So it is called the lambda variant because it doesn't like to mutate, right?

With experience comes confidence; with confidence comes the urge to push stuff without testing.

If you think about it, any text-file, any image or video, any executable on your machine is just stored as a series of 1's and 0's, and can simply be interpreted as a very, very large integer.

You're not running Excel, you're just running a number. You're not watching the latest episode of your favorite show, this is 180983984839912343232899016056542024...

Does anyone have an Asus Windows 10 laptop? How do you remove the bloatware?

Asking for my very frustrated father.

I got rid of the obvious stuff like Candy Crush and WPS, but some shit just keeps popping up.

If I ever make a programming language, I’m going to name it Scott, just so that I can call it Scott Lang.

You think Alligator Loki is baffling? I have used an Operating System Loki.

Vadapav may have been invented in Maharashtra, but it was perfected in Gujarat.

Seriously, kachcha pav kaun khata hai yaar‽

Wow, Valve about the SteamDeck: don't want to use Steam and make an account? Fine, do whatever you want it's a PC.

Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh.

लोकी परलोकी

Don’t worry. I’m the only one working on this repo.

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I like how Signal uses a Ferris wheel emoji 🎡 to indicate a GIF message. Because GIFs loop around to where they started.

“What was your Nexus event?” is the new “What are you in for?”

Mastodon shows the emoji code like `:grin:`. Less obvious, but still useful.

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