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How it started: "Woah dude, with time-based releases we can just like, use the date as the version number!"

How it's going: "Your app does not work on my Ubuntu 18"

Shardul Thakur is like the Presto guy in WandaVision. Every time he shows up, you know shit’s gonna get real.

If you’re reading a novel, play the soundtrack of its movie adaptation while reading for extra effect.

Currently experiencing extra effect for LOTR.

I never liked the title “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” To this day, I call it “Bat Soup.”

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TFW you have to name your show a mouthful “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” just because “Sam and Buck” sounds like a taco truck or something.

Are we going to pretend it's okay that Batman didn't compliment Superman on his new black suit?

Current status: surfing through the archives of‘s Typography Tips newsletter and honing my type-fu. 🥋

(No, I have not done that yet either. Don't @ me. 😅)

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Even if your site is only in English/Spanish/etc, at least make this a habit. If you eventually do need to support our middle-eastern or oriental friends, it will be natural to you.

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Want to make your CSS more inclusive?

Start using

…instead of the classic -top, -bottom, -left and -right respectively. Same for padding.

Today's match in six words:
“Can you show me another angle?”

March 10: launches

March 16: I discover this GIF.

“Debugging is the subtle art of reconciling what you think you asked a computer to do with what you actually asked a computer to do.”

— @aral

There cannot BE a better definition.

Copyright is named wrong

It's actually a Right of Copying Prevention

E.g. when it expires, everyone suddenly has more "copy right", not less

Changed all four of the social icons on my site from an icon font to inline SVG icons.

- accessibility without hacks
- better rendering on HiDPI screens

- embedded inside the HTML so can't cache them separately

I have a confession to make: I work on a finance application, and I frequently find myself searching for a file named IncestInMutualFunds.js.

On a separate note, I should incest time in learning the Dvorak layout.

Say what you will about the Touch Bar, but when you are eating with one hand and typing with another, those word suggestions are super helpful!

Do non-vegetarian Googlers walk into the canteen and eat Google Meat? 🙊

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