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Encryption must instead be the default in protocols like RCS and email. If you make the end user have to think, care, and act, you've already lost.

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Hey, Google.

I’m not a robot.

I’m a human.

Find your own fucking street lights.



Windows is one of those people that never throws anything away.


Hey kids when you're designing awesome decentralised stuff, don't forget discoverability. I mean podcasts, conceptually, are perfectly decentralised but when I ask someone about their podcast 90% of the time they tell me to look it up on iTunes.

Dear Web Developers,

Put a background colour on your pages.

Thank you.

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Pls RT: Outreachy #internship applications are now open! 🎉Outreachy three-month internships are remote, paid ($5,500 stipend). Outreachy supports diversity in #opensource! Applications for the May to August 2019 internships are open through March 26:


Pokemon Mastodon and Pokemon Pleroma

GTK+ development 

Akira is needing help! First and only open source tool to make mockups, with a great interface! Their creator needs YOU to hire devs to fasten the development!

You are an Open Source fan? You like to contribute to open sources projects? Please consider donating to this one!

You can't? Spread the word by boosting

In elementary OS, I turn on the Compose Key in System Settings once, then type Compose + E + '. I love the Compose Key so much.

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Hello, my name is Graeme, I have a PhD in computing, and I am a senior accessibility consultant, but when I want to type "é" on a Windows laptop I go to Beyoncé's Wikipedia page and copy/paste the letter from there.


I'm really excited about Mozilla's focus on developer tools in #Firefox. My coworkers laughed when they found out I was using Firefox, because in their mind it's behind the times. Chrome is the only modern browser to them. New tools that make development easier makes it easier to show them why Firefox, and a diverse browser ecosystem in general, is important to support.


The other core reason to back Akira right now - and why I'm backing it - is the collaborative save format:

It includes the #git history in a design! ...branching and all!

#OpenStandards and #OpenSource is in OUR hands. We make the future we want

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Much of programming is wondering why your code is doing exactly what you asked it to.

An app author thanked for creating, “a platform in which people are encouraged not only to be consumers of technology, but to become creators of it and share their creations with others.” That's such awesome and high praise to me. I'm super proud of everyone. 😊

Retro games 

It says a lot when other designers ask what mockup tools we use for OS… but they don't realize they're looking at a screenshot of real, working code.

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