Forget the year of the Linux desktop, and give me the year of RCB victory.

I pronounce myself a proud citizen of Arizona.

Only in Gujarat would you find people doing the Macarena step to a Garba song.

(Self defence has its place. I’m referring to those initiating violence here.)

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I do agree with Gandhi Bapu that violence is harmful to society, sure, no doubt.

But in addition, I find violence… rather stupid. Why would we develop elaborate languages with dozens of figures of speech evolved over centuries… only to use our limbs to make a point?

Talk about last minute. I just purchased’s course with the early discount.

I _think_ I know CSS, but that attitude never helped anyone, so I’m looking forward to being proven disastrously wrong! 😁

Let’s face it. Episode 7 of What If…? was a better Captain Marvel movie than the Captain Marvel movie.

This dog’s mother is kind of a half pet for my family. She stays on her own, but climbs to the first floor and knocks our door when she’s hungry. A very good girl.

And I’m going to be furious if something like this happens to her.

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I’m the guy who kills a mosquito the moment it touches my body.

Yet, I feel sad when I hear someone allegedly fed poisoned milk to a street dog nearby, thus killing the poor creature.

Moral dilemma much. 😟

This game is super fun to play with your team/friends/family. Couldn’t stop laughing.

@aral Which one was this, if I may ask? I’m guessing Vanat. Do share your thoughts on it.

I agree that a simpler dependency management solution would really help Vala. Flatpak kinda solves this for whatever can be Flatpak’d at all. But if something needs to e.g. install a system service or access the list of processes, Flatpak is not applicable.

Having something as simple as npm is a huge undertaking, because it requires either centralizing all packages into a repo or supporting pointing to git URLs and building those — which raises the question of how to build those, since they all use different build systems.

There are a lot of moving parts, and not a lot of coordinated effort going on in this direction.

I don’t have a point here. Just sharing some thoughts.

CC @colinkiama @nahuelwexd

Regardless of your class, caste, age or financial situation, the band baja in your wedding will, without exception, be consistently terrible musicians (if you can call them that).

The Gujarati version is “ghee ma ladoo cholya” which is far more realistic. And yummy.

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Someone please explain to me what’s the point of saying “pudhchya varshi laukar ya” / “agle baras tu jaldi aa”.

Just because it rhymes? It’s not like Ganpati Bappa can just decide to change his birthday.

@cassidyjames @aral @wzqtparor @danrabbit That’s a good point.

Coming back to Aral’s original toot, I wonder why devs (myself included) bother to list down dependencies in the readme instead of just asking people to run build-dep or flatpak-builder.

The only reason I did that is: “never occurred to me”.

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