Do non-vegetarian Googlers walk into the canteen and eat Google Meat? 🙊

Who called it Mastodon-Twitter Crossposter and not ActweetyPub?

Sinnoh remakes AND a premake? Hell yes, bring it on! ⛰️

A notice asking if you want only necessary cookies or all cookies, including ones that profile you, is like a maître d’ asking you “would you like to dine with us or would you like to dine with us and have your organs harvested?” What about my entering your restaurant prompted you to think I’d ever want the latter?

Okay, who was saying that test cricket is the real cricket?

Half of my heart is in Havana, and all of my circadian clock is in Prague. 🦉

New blog post: "JavaScript performance beyond bundle size"

This is kind of a grab-bag post about all the different performance metrics I think about when writing or using JavaScript modules. I hope folks find it interesting!

@celia Err, might be the dark theme which I may not have noticed earlier on Hera. 😅​

@celia Ooh, and your new site look is lovely! Great choice of font.

@celia If you're into non-fiction books, Cal Newport tackles exactly this in his book Digital Minimalism.

The man's a bestselling author and a CS professor, but uses zero social media like a boss.

@celia Yup yup, I hear you 100%. Platform fatigue is a thing.

I deleted Pixelfed for the same reason, and might do the same to DEV soon, again for the same reasons as you. The only writer I truly admire there is Swyx, but he has an RSS so… :drake_like:

PSA: If you use the Hinglish layout on Gboard and haven't blocked offensive words, then think twice before typing “Behance.”

Someone was just testing a public event woofer by playing “Sex and Candy” by Maroon 5. That's a first.

Say what you will, but I love the things GitHub has been doing under Nat Friedman's leadership.

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