My upcoming Habitica client now has task status colours, task notes, streaks and due dates.

Under the hood, those add, edit and delete buttons now actually work. 😉

I redrew the Poison Mushroom from the NES Mario games!

Served as a good lesson in coloured lighting and tinting.

Baby steps into resuming pixel art, starting with a 16x16 Poké Ball.

Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh.

This is what happens when you directly transliterate lyrics from Latin alphabet to Devanagari. look what company you found yourself in. 👀

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When you finish work early on a Friday and don’t want to pick anything new:

March 10: launches

March 16: I discover this GIF.

I reimagined the covers of these wonderful books by George Orwell and

More of these coming soon. .

Yes! Proof that just because you're a large company running heavy-duty web apps doesn't mean you have to track people around everywhere. Kudos, GitHub! 🎉


We're continuing to remove cookies and trackers wherever we can. We just eliminated all non-essential cookies from all npm websites. 🥳


Never thought the colour palette would be handy for something like this, but if edw has anything to do with Zoom, these are going to fit right in!


I made some backgrounds that show a message when your head is not in the frame.


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