@dubiousdisc I've been meaning to learn the vim bindings for a game which uses them as movement keys. But it has diagonal movement and up-left is bound to the Y-key, which is in a really awkward place on my German QWERTZ keyboard. 😑

@friend Well, most emulators let you reconfigure the controls, so you can choose what works for you!

@dubiousdisc Oh, it's not played with an emulator. I'm not sure, if it even counts as "retro", since it's still being developed by an open-source community, but it's comparable to games from the 80s. It's this game: crawl.develz.org

It does have a way of rebinding keys.
...and I just looked at the config file for that again, and figured out how to rebind it. So, I guess, I can learn the vim bindings now. 😅

@friend Looks interesting. Always good to see non-commercial titles like this one.

@dubiousdisc don’t let the smash brothers professionals know about this 👀

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